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British Columbia

The inventory and the way the inventory is set up in Greenline is flawless in my opinion, it’s super easy to use. It’s really nice to use software where everything is laid out so clearly and really hard to mess up.


Peaceleaf | Cannabis4Less


“The new ‘THC/CBD per location feature’ in Greenline is a huge improvement – not just for customers, but for all the staff too.”

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Pop’s Cannabis


“It’s a really easy platform to teach someone how to use. The one comment that we constantly hear from our budtenders is how everything is so easy to find in the system.”

The Local Cannabist - Alberta

The Local Cannabist


“It was imperative for Greenline’s ability to handle compliance really well for my team from the very beginning, and we saw it as a real benefit in going with Greenline ever since.”

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Earth’s Own Naturals

British Columbia

“I just send compliance updates
to Greenline and I don’t even
need to think about it! I know it’ll
be good to go when I need it.”

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Hello Cannabis


“We’re interested in the core
product that we have to use all
day, every day. Greenline has
been a dream so far.”

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THC Canada

British Columbia

“I really like how it’s user-friendly
for us and most of all I like the
compliance reporting and how
it’s integrated with BC LDB. It’s
super easy.” ­­­

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Living Skies Cannabis


“I had no idea a software company could be this responsive!”

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Beltline Cannabis Calgary


“It’s a joy to deal with people who get it. Honestly, I have founded many a company and collaborating with the Greenline team is like dealing with me in business. They are efficient, focused, and always improving. Greenline understands our vision – I only wish I could clone the Greenline team for other projects.”