The Local Cannabist - Alberta

The Local Cannabist


“It was imperative for Greenline’s ability to handle compliance really well for my team from the very beginning, and we saw it as a real benefit in going with Greenline ever since.”

case study 2

Earth’s Own Naturals

British Columbia

“I just send compliance updates
to Greenline and I don’t even
need to think about it! I know it’ll
be good to go when I need it.”

case study 3

Hello Cannabis


“We’re interested in the core
product that we have to use all
day, every day. Greenline has
been a dream so far.”

case study 4

THC Canada

British Columbia

“I really like how it’s user-friendly
for us and most of all I like the
compliance reporting and how
it’s integrated with BC LDB. It’s
super easy.” ­­­

case study 5

Living Skies Cannabis


“I had no idea a software company could be this responsive!”

case study 6

Beltline Cannabis Calgary


“It’s a joy to deal with people who get it. Honestly, I have founded many a company and collaborating with the Greenline team is like dealing with me in business. They are efficient, focused, and always improving. Greenline understands our vision – I only wish I could clone the Greenline team for other projects.”