Easy to use, fast to train

Bring in new employees with peace-of-mind knowing that
Greenline’s POS system is designed to be as simple as possible for sales staff.

Focus on the customer experience with easy customer
checkout, discounts, parked sales and order fulfillment.

Greenline POS

Integrated payment processing

With our integrated payment processing, you don’t need to
worry about making human errors when entering values into
your credit card terminal. Simply create the sale in Greenline and
let the system automate the rest.

Greenline Capital

Offline mode - always be selling

Greenline’s offline mode is designed for intermittent internet
connections, whether it’s from power outages, a spotty rural
internet, or a technical issue with your router.

When the internet comes back online, your offline sales will
automatically sync to the cloud.

Offline mode - always be selling
Customer age restriction display

Customer age restriction display

Our customer age restriction
display on the POS will keep things
simple for budtenders and avoid
dangerous mistakes.

30-gram weight limits

30-gram weight limits

Stay compliant! Greenline automatically calculates equivalency weights and will block the transaction if it’s over 30 grams.

Barcode support

Barcode support

Greenline’s barcode scanners will recognize all Canadian barcode formats, from UPCs, lot numbers, extended, and stacked GS1 databars.

Flexible hardware

Customize your hardware for your store’s unique
operations. Your store, your way.

  • Supports iOS, Android and web POS
  • Print receipts at 2 locations at the same time
  • Set up an express checkout lane
  • Only accept cash at certain tills and more
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Flexible hardware
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