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New Enhanced Greenline Integration with Alpine IQ

We’re pleased to announce the new Greenline/BLAZE enhanced integration with Alpine IQ. When it comes to managing rewards and loyalty points, this new integration gives users a more streamlined experience all from within the Greenline/BLAZE POS dashboard. Retailers can maximize on additional automation for their loyalty and marketing initiatives to ensure repeat visits, and customers […] ...

New Greenline Integration with SampleDirect

Greenline/ BLAZE® is excited to announce a new integration with SampleDirect. SampleDirect connects retailers directly to brands and licensed producers so they can seamlessly order product samples and gain access to upcoming products, all within the Greenline/BLAZE POS dashboard. Using an innovative approach to connect brands and retailers, the SampleDirect cannabis sampling program provides an […] ...

New BLAZE ECOM™ Integration with Surfside

Generate a new revenue stream with monetized ad placements We are pleased to introduce our latest integration partnership with Surfside, a commerce media platform that provides a new way for cannabis retailers to drive sales and influence purchasing.  Advertisers can buy ad space across the retailers’ e-commerce menus (on-site) as well as paid media (off-site). […] ...



Greenline (a BLAZE® company) is excited to share that we have been selected as the BEST Canadian Cannabis POS Solution at the 2023 KIND Awards & Gala on Dec 7, 2023. There was an impressive turnout as industry experts gathered at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto for the KIND Gala and People’s Choice […] ...

Announcing our Revolutionary In-Store Shopping Experience and Self-Checkout

We are excited to announce the new In-Store Shopping experience with BLAZE ECOM™. This innovative solution completely reinvents the in-store shopping process. Dispensary customers can easily use their smartphone camera to scan product QR codes, add them to their cart, and prepay independently. The self-guided mobile shopping experience eliminates lengthy queues and significantly reduces the […] ...

Mastercard unfair fees

Unjust Fees by Mastercard: Uniting the Canadian Cannabis Industry

The availability of reliable banking and payment services is crucial for cannabis retailers to be successful. Mastercard is currently threatening the commercial viability of the cannabis industry on a global scale, and it’s impacting both consumers and cannabis dispensaries. In the US, Mastercard has reportedly blocked cannabis purchases on debit cards. In Canada, where cannabis […] ...

Case studies

See how Greenline helps stores succeed.

High Society Cannabis Co.

High Society Cannabis Co. scales up for success in Northwestern Ontario

“We started with Greenline in our Marathon location, and we saw the difference right away. When we brought it over, we saw an increase in sales and we definitely saw more foot traffic. We have been increasing our sales ever since, plus, the industry itself is growing too.”


Technology, community, and good vibes drive cannabis retail success in rural Alberta

“The decision to go ahead with Greenline was a very positive transition. The sales and onboarding teams have so much personalism and help me with everything. Support is very quick and compliance reporting is easy. All in all, it’s pretty effortless.”


Culture is key to retail success for Lucid Cannabis

“I like using Greenline’s ‘Sales by category’ report, you’re able to see each category and the volume of sales for it, you can see where your quantity growth is, which categories are moving, and which ones have better margins than others.”