Cannabis legalization is inevitable

We believe that there is a global
movement towards the
decriminalization of cannabis.

The green opportunity

We believe that cannabis legalization
brings great economic long-term
opportunities for business owners
and governments.

Powered by Greenline

At Greenline, we choose to help
cannabis retailers start, grow and

How does Greenline
help retailers?

Scalable retail infrastructure

We build powerful and accessible
software and provide all
the necessary tools to help stores of all
sizes sell cannabis.

Fast and effective support

Running a cannabis retail store is not
easy. We will treat our customers
with respect and empathy all the way
from onboarding to success.

Listen to our customers

We are always on the lookout for new
and better solutions, and who better
to tell us than our customers?

Why Greenline?

A letter from the President

I believe in the future of cannabis in Canada.

I grew up in Vancouver being taught the same stigma about cannabis as everyone else – it’s for bums, it’s for stoners. That all changed when I met the retail owners – the ones championing for legalization, the ones willing to put it all on the line.

When legalization hit, I knew that these were the types of people I wanted to help. I understand the struggles business owners go through, and we see it as our duty to help them succeed in this new cut-throat industry.

Our goal is to help cannabis retailers grow. We want to become the role model for the cannabis technology sector, and show the world that it can be done right. I hope you join us as we grow with you into uncharted waters.



20 stores
First customers in Alberta
First year of legalization


60 stores
3 provinces
Greenline Marketplace


250 stores
4 provinces
Rapid expansion


500+ stores
5 provinces, 2 territories
Greenline Capital