THC Canada

Learn how Vancouver’s THC Canada leverages Greenline POS software to continue their success in cannabis retail

THC Canada, based out of Vancouver, BC, is comprised of a dynamic and highly experienced cannabis retail team with a strong focus on educating customers and putting their community first. They are welcoming, friendly, sharp, and very impressive when it comes to product knowledge. This team genuinely cares about their customers, paying careful attention to quality – sourcing some of the best product available, including from new micro-growers.

In the early days, prior to legalization, THC Canada learned well from their experiences with their first dispensary and did everything right to manage and maintain a profitable business while building and supporting their community culture. After they attained their cannabis retail license, they decided to re-invest back into the business by renovating/updating their existing location.

Presentation is everything

THC Canada renovated store
THC Canada in Vancouver, BC

It’s always a wise choice to reinvest in your business. How a cannabis store looks and how your customers feel when they visit is far more important than it may seem. THC Canada knew that they wanted to have a fresh look and provide a positive, open-space atmosphere for their customers and the result is stunning.

An important part of shop fitting includes simplifying the customer experience. THC’s newly-redesigned store is truly state of the art, clean, bright, attractive, and most importantly, it’s easy for customers to check out the elegant and strategically placed digital screens on the walls to learn about product offerings.

Digital Signage

Technology plays a strong role in enhancing the in-store experience and having digital signage is no longer seen as a luxury item anymore – it’s a must-have in such a competitive environment as cannabis retail. THC uses menu boards that broaden the spectrum of product availability, specials, and new and recommended products for their customers, providing a positive atmosphere and enabling a strong, recurring customer base.

Click and collect service with Greenline POS and Buddi
Buddi click and collect service integrated with Greenline POS

THC Canada uses Buddi, a Canadian cannabis click and collect, delivery, and digital menu provider, integrated with Greenline POS and they really like it. Greenline offers a variety of integrations, like Buddi for digital menus and Headset for analytics, so cannabis retailers can streamline their operations.

Switching POS systems to meet compliance regulations

Having an easy way to stay compliant is critical in the cannabis business, and Greenline, designed specifically for cannabis retailers in Canada, is continuously working to stay on top of changing and new regulations. THC Canada came from using a POS system that didn’t handle regulatory compliance and even though the software product was decent, lacking this feature was a deal breaker.

With 1-click compliance reporting, Greenline ensures that your license will never be compromised. When asked what he likes most about using Greenline POS software, Renan Petri, THC Canada store manager said,

“I really like how it’s user-friendly for us and most of all I like the compliance reporting and how it’s integrated with BC LDB. It’s super easy. ­­­

Renan was proud to say his staff are the best you can find.

“The bud tenders find the legal weight limit feature is extremely valuable as well as how the gram equivalent of different forms of cannabis is automatically calculated at the POS.”

These are the kinds of software features that make sure your business stays compliant. Whether you’re looking for a new software system that can facilitate compliance or you’re a new cannabis retailer with a new license, be sure that your software provider knows the laws in relation to compliance and, more importantly, are able to address new requirements as they arise – quickly and effectively.

Managing Data Transfers

It was an easy transition for THC to switch systems over to Greenline POS, so easy in fact they had their full data transfer completed in one day. It’s worth noting the store manager is a seasoned retailer who is very tech savvy but the Greenline team helps retailers every step of the way to ensure business continuity and successful use of the software system. Spensir Sangara, owner of THC Canada said,

“Greenline makes it easy for a guy like me, who’s low on tech, to be able to feel like I know everything. They have the best customer support in the game.”

An important consideration to make when you’re looking for a compliant inventory solution is to find out what happens with your data. Greenline keeps your data secure, hosted on Canadian servers, and does not monetize retail sales data.

THC Canada Cannabis retailers need to understand the needs of their clientele. As a leader in the cannabis retail industry, THC Canada created a solid foundation within their community by educating themselves and keeping their customers informed with a robust and current social media marketing presence. As many new forms of cannabis start appearing in the market, THC Canada proves they are ahead of the game not only by having a slick-looking shop with digital menu boards, staying on top of new and evolving products, and understanding their customer needs, but also by using the Greenline software tools to reliably manage supply and demand, control inventory, stay compliant, and maintain a consistent level of growth and success.

Looking to the future, THC Canada is well-poised for expansion in the market and that’s just what they intend to do and Greenline will be there to support them throughout their journey.

Visit the THC Canada website here and see the masters of dank in action.

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