Hello Cannabis

Hello Cannabis embraces Ontario compliance reporting with Greenline POS

Hello Cannabis, based in Sault Ste. Marie, was one of the original 25 licensed retail stores in Ontario. The store is known for having one of the strongest, most recognizable brands in the province, with plans to expand their store counts in the near future.


Compliance errors are, in most cases, very simple fixes, usually related to human error that is inevitable in a high-volume store. Greenline enables Hello Cannabis to identify inventory discrepancies immediately, instead of finding out too late. Frank Germana, the GM of Hello Cannabis said, “Our compliance manager is a computer science and venture capitalist guy, he lives numbers and spreadsheets. Sometimes it’s just a missing a 0 here or there, or a missing an underscore.”

Errors are hard to detect on a large spreadsheet, and are detected in the AGCO’s automatic compliance report verification system. Frank adds, “The fact that you guys just show us where they are, and all we have to do is click on it – is amazing – because there are around 4000 lines in the sales reports and it takes a lot of time.”

“We’re interested in the core product that we have to use all day, every day – Greenline has been a dream so far.”

Frank Germana, GM | Hello Cannabis

Purchase orders

In addition to compliance, Greenline has helped Hello Cannabis simplify their handling of purchase order data entry for each cannabis order, which can easily include upwards of 100 unique SKUs at a time. They found solace in Greenline’s purchase order importing feature as Frank adds, “We manually entered the products before – this ‘purchase order ASN imports’ is just a dream.”

Greenline POS

At Greenline, we pride ourselves on removing friction for retailers to get their jobs done. If you’d like to learn more about Greenline POS, connect with our team by scheduling a demo here.

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