Maximizing Payment Potential with BLAZEPAY™

See the webinar on Greenline’s fully integrated payment processing solution for in-store and online payment transactions. This webinar features some of the unique advantages of BLAZEPAY™ and its proven techniques to increase adoption and average order value for cannabis retailers. What we cover: Navigating the BLAZEPAY Merchant Portal Managing Tipping, Refunds and Payment Reconciliation The […]

Greenline launches BLAZEPAY™

Greenline Launches BLAZEPAY™ for Cannabis Retail in Canada

Vancouver, BC, June 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Greenline, a BLAZE® company, is excited to announce the launch of its new payment processing platform, BLAZEPAY™, a fully integrated, compliant, and secure payment solution for all Canadian cannabis retailers. The innovation behind BLAZEPAY removes the challenges and complexity of payment needs for cannabis retailers and helps growing […]


Greenline Announces Enhanced Springbig Integration + Webinar

June 18, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Springbig, a leading provider in cannabis loyalty marketing and communications technology, is thrilled to announce its enhanced integration with Canada’s most-trusted point-of-sale solution provider, Greenline, a BLAZE® company, to offer a seamless loyalty connection that streamlines the retail experience for cannabis customers. This collaboration aims to simplify loyalty redemption, […]


New Enhanced Greenline Integration with Alpine IQ

We’re pleased to announce the new Greenline/BLAZE enhanced integration with Alpine IQ. When it comes to managing rewards and loyalty points, this new integration gives users a more streamlined experience all from within the Greenline/BLAZE POS dashboard. Retailers can maximize on additional automation for their loyalty and marketing initiatives to ensure repeat visits, and customers […]

New Greenline Integration with SampleDirect

Greenline/ BLAZE® is excited to announce a new integration with SampleDirect. SampleDirect connects retailers directly to brands and licensed producers so they can seamlessly order product samples and gain access to upcoming products, all within the Greenline/BLAZE POS dashboard. Using an innovative approach to connect brands and retailers, the SampleDirect cannabis sampling program provides an […]

New BLAZE ECOM™ Integration with Surfside

Generate a new revenue stream with monetized ad placements We are pleased to introduce our latest integration partnership with Surfside, a commerce media platform that provides a new way for cannabis retailers to drive sales and influence purchasing.  Advertisers can buy ad space across the retailers’ e-commerce menus (on-site) as well as paid media (off-site). […]