New BLAZE ECOM™ Integration with Surfside

POSTED ON April 11, 2024

Generate a new revenue stream with monetized ad placements

We are pleased to introduce our latest integration partnership with Surfside, a commerce media platform that provides a new way for cannabis retailers to drive sales and influence purchasing. 

Advertisers can buy ad space across the retailers’ e-commerce menus (on-site) as well as paid media (off-site). Retailers can seamlessly integrate their BLAZE ECOM menu with Surfside, enable paid banner ads, and use aggregated first-party customer data to connect with consumers throughout the buyer journey.

Retailers benefit with the ability to measure revenue from each sponsored ad placement through increases in online sales, add-to-cart actions, and incremental orders, while gaining insights into the fill rate and return on advertising spend (ROAS) from their brand campaigns.

Key benefits of Surfside include:

Easy Activation

  • Easily enable banner ads positioned at the top of your BLAZE ECOM e-commerce menu.

Improve Brand Partnerships

  • Drive more sales with brands you stock by allowing your brands to buy premium placement within your digital storefront.

High Margin Revenue

  • Earn passive revenue through the monetization of ad units within your e-commerce menu.

Track Revenue

  • Measure revenue from each ad unit and understand fill rate and return on ad spend (ROAS) as a result of brand campaigns.

Check out the webinar, hosted by BLAZE, featuring Scott Roehrick, VP ECOM, BLAZE, and Eric Meth, CRO, Surfside as they showcase Surfside’s unique advertising opportunities through BLAZE ECOM.

Connect with Surfside and get to know your audience, or sign up for a Surfside demo here to learn more about monetizing banner ads for your online menu with BLAZE ECOM™.

Get started with a BLAZE® demo here and see how you can drive revenue using our seamlessly integrated e-commerce platform, BLAZE ECOM™.