Maximizing Payment Potential with BLAZEPAY™

POSTED ON June 20, 2024

See the webinar on Greenline’s fully integrated payment processing solution for in-store and online payment transactions.

This webinar features some of the unique advantages of BLAZEPAY™ and its proven techniques to increase adoption and average order value for cannabis retailers.

What we cover:

  • Navigating the BLAZEPAY Merchant Portal
  • Managing Tipping, Refunds and Payment Reconciliation
  • The Greenline and BLAZE ECOM Integration with BLAZEPAY


Chris Violas, CEO, BLAZE

Joe Pascale, Payments Manager, BLAZE

Tristan Cutler, Canadian Sales Manager, Greenline, a BLAZE company

Don’t miss this opportunity to see how you can make in-store and online sales faster with credit and debit card payment processing, enhance the customer experience, and automatically increase average order values.

View the BLAZEPAY Webinar here.

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