Key Takeaways from MJBizCon 2018

This year the team at Greenline POS attended the Marijuana Business Conference & Expo (MJBizCon) in Toronto. Every single Licensed Producer and provider was present – here we share our insights from the buzzing event.

CBD as an ingredient will be widely explored

From treating epilepsy to its anti-inflammatory properties, we are still constantly learning about the power of CBD. There is lots of room for CBD’s application and purpose, and this substances will undoubtedly change our society as more data and deeper health findings come out through time.

Export opportunities rising up following legalization.

International markets will evolve and catch up with our ecosystem in North America. An urgent need for cannabis supply in emerging markets will spring up in European and South American cities. Service providers that take a headstart in positioning themselves to make those deal will be winners when the opportunity arises.

We’re in a marijuana market bubble.

The marijuana stock market is still a huge question mark with uncountable directions it can take. Currently, companies are being traded on speculation. By next year, companies will be valued on actual output. Hence, the opportunity for big upswings on cannabis stocks will come to an end. There will be volatility in supply – initially there is speculated to be a shortage of product supply, and afterwards we envision it to normalize.

The MJBizCon was a huge success shedding light on the 10 billion dollar industry. Team Greenline shared its story and was inspired by the collective support and streamlined goals at different levels of the cannabis ecosystem. The coming together of big players within the industry helped us gain a perspective on what needed to be changed to better service the community – which in turns solidifies Greenline POS’ product and growth.

We look forward to learning even more at future gatherings of the cannabis community like MJBizCon. Want to connect? Shoot us a line here.


Greenline POS partners with Headset to scale cannabis businesses using valuable insights

Greenline POS retailers can now integrate with Headset Analytics to simplify data and better understand store operations

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17 Aug – Vancouver, BC – Greenline POS announces the partnership with Headset Analytics, a cannabis business intelligence software for simplified reporting. Headset allows cannabis retailers access to unprecedented visibility through intuitive dashboards on sales, product and budtender information managed through the point-of-sale system.

Following the transition into legalization, Headset helps operators make more informed business decisions through relevant insights. The integration saves time spent on exporting spreadsheets and extracting specific data sets. This helps stores secure their respective retail licenses as compliance of government regulations and meticulous inventory monitoring is essential. The multi-location support allows comparison of location performance, making time and room for business owners to balance inventory and staffing.

Greenline POS is enterprise-ready and set up to support even the largest cannabis retail chains with its inventory control. Its open API allows automated connections, making it the most flexible POS solution today to expand business with a growing list of partnered connections. A simple one-time Headset integration setup for existing Greenline POS clients ensures data is delivered in real-time, saving time and money.


Greenline POS is a Canadian-owned and operated company dedicated to providing point of sale and inventory management solutions specific to the context of Canada. Designed to service the Canadian cannabis industry, Greenline POS has razor sharp focus on Canadian law and compliance to provide their clients the most robust and intuitive inventory management and point of sales systems for retail and online cannabis sales.

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Greenline POS Launches Offline Mode for smoother store operation



POS features can run without disruption in case of lost internet connection

Greenline POS has officially launched Offline Mode for the iPad application. This is extremely valuable to budtenders and store owners as this feature is designed for focus on providing great customer service and ease of operations. Our application is designed for efficiency and speed, so dispensaries can ensure smooth operations even when the wi-fi disconnects. The sales data will sync to the Greenline POS application once your internet is re-connected, and sales payments can still be processed in the case of a connection timeout.

Following legalization, our software is built for compliance. Our custom settings allow lines to continue moving and continue to satisfy customers even when the device is disconnected from the internet.

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Greenline POS is a Canadian-owned and operated company dedicated to providing point of sale and inventory management solutions specific to the context of Canada. Designed to service the Canadian cannabis industry, Greenline POS has razor sharp focus on Canadian law and compliance to provide their clients the most robust and intuitive inventory management and point of sales systems for retail and online cannabis sales.

Cannabis Branding & Retail

The recreational market in cannabis is exploding in Canada. New cannabis strains and derivative products are popping up all over the place and each quarter seems to bring new batches of retailers competing for licensing. Now that the competition in cannabis retail is ramping up, how will you make sure your dispensary stands up above the rest? The answer is with clear and effective cannabis branding to support your marketing efforts.

What is Cannabis branding and how should you start?

Branding is what your customers say about your business when you are not around. Good branding conveys a story of your business and the people that make up your company. Great cannabis branding will speak to your customer’s needs and appeal to their emotions while elevating yourself from the competition.

Know your customers

Data is key to understanding your customer base. Look through your POS and inventory management system to pull up reports and view the demographics and sales records to identify your most popular products, who is purchasing, and at what time. Do you serve a more senior audience? Are indicas more popular than sativas in your store? This can help you identify your core consumer base to tailor your brand messaging for them or give you direction to develop your dispensary image and messaging.

Know your competition

Location, location, location. Never underestimate the power of geography, local culture, and the property value of your area. What sort of consumers are your competitors servicing? When you identify gaps in your surrounding cannabis ecosystem you can better grab clients that are currently under-serviced. For example, if there are a lot of affordable low to mid range flower in your area, a move into the more premium strains of product can set you apart from your competition if the local consumer base has a hunger for that product type.

Branding with each interaction

Information and great service is another key power to separate your store from the competition. New customers are always emerging in this exciting industry, and giving them information and quality service is highly valuable for customer retention. Remember that your budtenders are the personification of your brand. Make sure your employees are properly trained and personable. One-on-one interaction is what will bring your customers back time and time again. If you care for your clients, they will care for you!

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Great strides taken to legalize cannabis in Canada with passing of Bill C45

Read our pre-senate vote post recently? Now here’s the lowdown for what actually happened:
The cannabis legalization Senate vote on June 7th resulted in 56 votes for the bill to pass and 30 against with one abstention. The vote is a big step taken to remove the 95-year prohibition of cannabis in Canada.
The passing of the bill also comes with more than 40 amendments to the original, which will now be brought before the House of Commons for approval or rejection.
The primary issues covered by the amendments concern:
  1. Consumption by minors
  2. Advertising restrictions
  3. Potency limits
  4. Power to ban future cannabis products
  5. Home growing restrictions

Penalties for giving cannabis to minors

One concern addressed in the amendments is the maximum penalty of 14 years for sharing cannabis with minors. The case brought forth indicated that this was too harsh of a penalty for younger legal users sharing cannabis with friends still under the legal limit. The amendment proposes a fine in its place and also allows parents to share cannabis with their children at home without criminal consequence much like alcohol.

Advertising ban

This amendment would see that legal cannabis is subject to the same plain packaging laws and advertising restrictions as tobacco products. According to Health Canada’s suggestions cannabis products will only be sold in uncolored packets with health and safety warning labels required by law. Furthermore, the Senate wants to ban all visible branding and cannabis logos on non-cannabis products as well, such as t-shirts and cups.

Potency limit

Another amendment to Bill C45 cannabis legalization is looking to set a potency cap on cannabis products; limiting the levels of THC or any particular compound in cannabis products for sale. The surface level reasoning for this amendment is to protect children and consumers from cannabis that is too strong for them. However, this brings up major concerns for medical patients who may require much greater levels of THC to achieve the relief they require. It is also very difficult to regulate the biological differences in tolerance between different people. Who would be the “correct” type of cannabis consumer used to set these limits?

Future voting power on new cannabis products

The Senate is attempting to push for voting power over the introduction of new legal cannabis products into the Canadian economy. If this amendment passes, the Senate can ban future products and inventions in the cannabis space. 
Many Canadians are concerned about the future effects of such a ruling due to cannabis illiteracy among the Senate. innovation in the industry would be hampered by bureaucracy and lack of knowledge by government officials.

Home growing can be banned provincially

Previous proposals by the federal government stated that after cannabis legalization, Canadians may grow up to four cannabis plats in their homes. However, Quebec and Manitoba have pushed for the complete ban on any home growing. The primary reasoning for this ban is to protect children from negative influences at home and potential for selling home grown cannabis. 
The amendment is looking to allow each province to decide it’s own rules on home growing and remove any federal protections for Canadians growing at home. Ontario condo groups and landowners have also been pushing for a ban on home growing.

Next Steps

Now all that is left is to have the House of Commons accept or reject these cannabis legalization amendments over the next few weeks followed by a realistic timeline of 8 – 12 weeks of provincial setup and training before legal cannabis sales in the recreational market can begin in earnest. A vote on the ban or acceptance of edible cannabis products may take up to 12 months after the passing of Bill-C45 into law. Understand how your cannabis business can be compliant with the best POS system after cannabis legalization by booking a demo here