3 different ways to manage multiple retail locations in Greenline

POSTED ON October 18, 2022

Greenline’s software system provides cannabis retailers with the flexibility needed to manage dashboards in multiple ways.

The moment a cannabis retailer goes from 1 to 2 stores, several key decisions must be made about how to scale the business. Are all stores going to be centrally managed? Franchised? How much control will individual managers have?

At Greenline, we’ve worked with growing stores of all sizes in Canada. We recognize that first and foremost, there is no one way to run multiple stores, and that flexibility is paramount.

Let’s go over 3 different ways Greenline can help you manage your locations.

1 Dashboard for all stores

(Single-dashboard, corporate-model)

If your stores are centrally managed with central ordering, having managers at each store follow a tight set of operating guidelines, and having all locations under one dashboard may be the best approach for you. Doing so will let owners and managers see everything from one place, and efficiently perform cross-location operations such as setting product prices and performing inventory transfers.

1 Dashboard per store

(Multi-dashboard, franchise-model)

If your stores have a lot of independence and autonomy from each other (ex. franchises, they set their own prices, source their own vendors), and if there’s no need for managers to access info from other stores, having one dashboard per store may be the best approach for you. This will keep your businesses neatly separated from each other.

However, store owners and accountants still need access to data from all stores. To simplify that process, our Customer Success team can set up your account so that one email can log into multiple dashboards.

Hybrid model

(1 dashboard for corporate stores, individual dashboards for each franchisee)

Greenline dashboards
Multi-store view inventory management in Greenline

For the largest cannabis retailers in Canada, it’s not uncommon for the business to support both corporate stores and franchise stores. Greenline supports mixing and matching dashboard configurations, which are utilized by our largest customers with 30+ retailers across the country. Greenline’s Customer Success team can advise you on the optimal setup for your business.

Regardless of whether you run a single store or 100 stores, in one or multiple provinces, Greenline is designed to work for your specific needs.

If you’d like to learn more, schedule a demo with our expert team.