Why Greenline is the best cannabis POS for integrators

POSTED ON October 12, 2021

The retail software stack has completely transformed over the past decade. What used to be a messy mix of various disconnected on-premise solutions are now tightly-integrated SaaS platforms that work together to deliver value to retailers.

Canadian cannabis retail emerged in a unique environment where complex compliance regulations forced retailers to use the latest dedicated cannabis cloud-based software solutions. At Greenline, we understand the responsibility we carry as the central POS system. We also understand that point-of-sale is a complicated beast, meaning that we will never be able to build best-in-class solutions for every possible retail component from digital signage, marketing, loyalty, and more.

That’s why working with integration partners is a core pillar of our business. Our team has invested significant amounts of time and effort to ensure that Greenline is the best cannabis POS to integrate with if you are a cannabis SaaS company.

Your integration will be accessible on our in-app marketplace

On Greenline’s dashboard, key users will have access to an ‘Integrations’ tab, which not only lists their active integrations, but all publicly-available integrations. Discovering new services is made seamless and enabling them can be done with a single click by the user without having to reach out to Greenline support.

We believe that software integrations are a core part of the retailer’s stack and want to reduce friction as much as possible.

Integration access is free for retailers

Some POS companies charge for access to their 3rd-party integrations. Not us. While integration partners have the freedom to charge whatever they want, access will never be restricted from Greenline’s end.

Greenline data is always portable

We believe that retailers should be free to move to the best solutions they have available, including the POS. Greenline’s data is extremely portable via CSVs, from product data, inventory, sales data, and a lot more. Much of this data is also available via our API.

Real-time webhook APIs

Greenline webhooks

Most cannabis POS systems have caught on to the fact that they cannot do everything themselves and require an API ecosystem to thrive; however, the quality and power of these APIs range greatly.

At Greenline, we’ve taken things a step further with our real-time webhooks. Most systems rely on polling (asking for API data every X second or minute), which can be expensive not only for the API provider and integrator’s systems, but Greenline supports ways for you to receive updates directly into your own systems. Some examples of webhooks include product update events and sales created events.

High-quality API documentation

Nothing frustrates us more than incomplete and confusing documentation. We’ve experienced our fair share, so we want to make sure that our API is easy to understand and easy to use.

Integrations are core to our business strategy

We believe that retailers should always have unrestricted access to the best retail tools available. While some POS systems aim to monopolize their entire stack, at Greenline we want to be your partners. We understand that our success will come when the entire ecosystem is thriving.

If you share our goal of building software to help cannabis retailers grow, we encourage you to consider working with Greenline. Retailers are constantly on the hunt for newer, better, and higher value solutions. If you feel that your software product can deliver on those needs, please reach out to integrations@getgreenline.co for more information.

To learn more about the Greenline platform, schedule a demo with our Sales team.