SMS Outreach – a new way to reach out to customers

POSTED ON January 18, 2023

Greenline SMS filters

Greenline is excited to introduce a new way for retailers to retain and attract customers with SMS marketing. The new SMS Outreach tool can be accessed from a single dashboard, so retailers can communicate new product launches, in-store events, and promotions, and ensure customers return for their next purchase.

The SMS Outreach feature gives cannabis retailers an easy and important way to set differentiation. With the benefit of strong filter sets, messaging can be quick to build and purposefully targeted.

Easy SMS Outreach setup

The Greenline Dashboard makes the Customer SMS Outreach feature extremely simple to access, and ideal for maintaining SMS marketing campaigns. Users can send a campaign as fast as their creativity allows (while being mindful of provincial rules and regulations).

Once a phone number has been assigned, and a quantity tier has been selected for the number of messages to be sent, Greenline customers can send SMS communication to their customers, directly from the Greenline dashboard.

Greenline SMS Outreach

Customer list filters

Automation within Greenline simplifies the ability to quickly send SMS marketing messages. Using a robust set of filters at the top of the screen, customers can customize which customers to add to their SMS marketing campaign. For ease of use, the SMS Outreach feature makes it easy to clear filters using the reset button, so a new selection can be started.

Customer lists can be filtered by:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone #
  • Location
  • Last Purchase Date
  • Loyalty Tier

Greenline SMS messagingThe number of SMS messages remaining for the month will show in the blue bar at the top of the screen.

SMS use cases

There are a variety of ways retail SMS messages can be utilized. Retailers have an opportunity to be creative with their SMS Outreach. Here are a few examples:

  • Store announcements (openings, expansions, temporary closures etc.)
  • New product releases (new product from Brand X available now)
  • Discount announcements (accessories 10% off on Thursday)
  • Loyalty Membership sign-ups (sign up for our newsletter)
  • Time-sensitive announcements (don’t miss our limited-supply craft drop)

Keep your message simple

It’s important to keep SMS Outreach messaging short and simple because all SMS messages are restricted to 140 characters. SMS Outreach messages in Greenline end with ‘Reply END to Optout’, ensuring Canadian CASL compliance, so customers can unsubscribe from the communication if desired.

Cannabis retail is an increasingly challenging and competitive environment and retailers need touch points with customers outside of the retail environment to bring them back for their next purchase. Greenline gives cannabis retailers the tools to stay engaged with their customer base, no matter where they happen to be.

If you’re interested in Greenline, and the SMS Outreach feature, schedule a demo with our expert Sales team!

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