Frequently asked questions

How do I get started?

Simply schedule a demo with us, and we’ll set up your schedule for training and onboarding.

How long does it take to onboard?

We have had clients get trained and onboarded within 2 days. Generally, our development team will transfer any existing customer information into the system overnight, and help your store get started the next day. We always recommend clients input their own product data for them to get familiarized with the system.

I have 10+ stores. How long does it take to onboard?

If you have more than 10 stores, contact our team – we will help develop a custom plan that works for your staff and your business. From our experience, it is best to deploy the system to 1 store, run operational tests on it, then start deploying and training all other stores at once via screen-share once successful. This process can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month.

Can we see blacklisted customers from other stores?

No! We feel that it would be a strong breach of privacy. There is no data that is shared between accounts – your data can only be seen by you and members of our business.

Can you export reports?

Yes. Almost every report in Greenline POS (sales, inventory, customers) can be exported as an easily usable .csv file. CSV files are universal and can be used in all spreadsheet software systems such as Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

Are you compliant?

Absolutely, our system is ready for whatever you may need. We track every piece of data that is required for compliance – in addition, our highly flexible system allows for us to adapt to the ever-changing regulations as they show up.

How long are your contracts?

Our plans are month-to-month. We don’t feel that it is right to force contracts on anyone. If you feel that Greenline POS is not the best fit for your store, we will help you with the transition. However, should you go with one of our optional 6 or 12 month contracts, you will receive special discounts on your plans.

Can I download the software?

Greenline is a cloud-based software. The dashboard and POS can run off of any browser, and the iPad POS can be download from the Apple app store.

Can I sell by pre-packs and by weight?

Absolutely – our advanced product configuration options allow stores to set up their strains as pre-packs or bulk products to support all use cases.

Is there a discount for long-term contracts?

Yes. To start, all long-term contracts with us are optional; however, signing a contract will provide your store with a 1-2 month discount.

How do we cancel the service?

We strive to produce the best software that works for the cannabis industry. If for any reason you choose to stop using Greenline, we will not hold it against you, you’ll be able to cancel on the spot. The monthly payments will stop and we will help you with your transition.

Ready to start?

Great! Schedule a demo with our team to find out more about Greenline POS.