Greenline POS Launches Offline Mode for smoother store operation

greenline pos, iOS



POS features can run without disruption in case of lost internet connection

Greenline POS has officially launched Offline Mode for the iPad application. This is extremely valuable to budtenders and store owners as this feature is designed for focus on providing great customer service and ease of operations. Our application is designed for efficiency and speed, so dispensaries can ensure smooth operations even when the wi-fi disconnects. The sales data will sync to the Greenline POS application once your internet is re-connected, and sales payments can still be processed in the case of a connection timeout.

Following legalization, our software is built for compliance. Our custom settings allow lines to continue moving and continue to satisfy customers even when the device is disconnected from the internet.

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Greenline POS is a Canadian-owned and operated company dedicated to providing point of sale and inventory management solutions specific to the context of Canada. Designed to service the Canadian cannabis industry, Greenline POS has razor sharp focus on Canadian law and compliance to provide their clients the most robust and intuitive inventory management and point of sales systems for retail and online cannabis sales.