Greenline POS focuses on providing the best possible POS & cannabis compliance solution along with the best service. As such, our expectation from our partners is to also provide that level of love to our customers.

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Dutchie is an online marketplace that connects consumers with their favorite local dispensaries and allows them to place an order for pickup or delivery.


Buddi is an interactive shopping assistant & customer education platform for cannabis retailers. Buddi runs on touch-screens or tablets to allow your customer to either self-serve or be assisted by a staff member, then seamlessly build a shopping cart which connects to Greenline POS.

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Leafly is the worlds largest cannabis website, allowing users to rate and review cannabis strains and retail locations.

Users can find the right product for their needs and also learn where they can acquire this product locally in their region.

Greenline POS allows retailers to upload their menus on to the leafly platform and provide consumers a real time view of their inventory to be found by a new audience.

Quickbooks accounting

Quickbooks is the most popular online accounting software used by businesses of all sizes. Greenline POS connects seamlessly to upload real information from your POS into your accounting system, making your and your accountants life much easier. Ask us about it during your demo!

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budsense integrates with Greenline

budsense digital signage

BudSense offers menu management that lets you manage digital signage, print menus and live web displays all in one place. You can count on BudSense to match your brand and give your store a great presentation.

Headset Analytics

When we think of Headset, we think professionals. Headset is a data and analytics service provider for the cannabis industry, They help operators make more informed business decisions through data.

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