e-Commerce and delivery

An accessible online marketplace for legal cannabis retailers.

Digital Signage

Showcase your brand with featured cannabis products and pricing on digital, print, wall-mounted menus and more.

Payment Processing

Secure payment processing solutions for cannabis businesses.

Gift cards

Differentiate your cannabis retail store with gift cards and build on your unique community.


Find local and national businesses specializing in the cannabis industry promoting their products and services.

Customer Loyalty

Protect, segment, promote, and sync in-store and online operations.


Accounting and auditing for the cannabis industry.

Scheduling & Payroll

Integrated employee management solutions to manage your entire employee life cycle.


In-store video surveillance connected to POS system data.


Greenline can refer consultants for any stage of your cannabis retail business.

Getting started is easy

It can take as little as 7 days to start using Greenline.
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