Canadian compliance

Fast and easy report generation

On the first week of every month, generate the csv/excel files formatted to the exact specs of the BCLDB, AGLC, SLGA, and the AGCO.

Fix mistakes

Our compliance report analysis tool makes it easy to identify which products have had suspicious inventory movements. Reduce the number of questions your regulator has about your store.

30 gram purchase limits

Federal regulations require stores to not sell greater than 30g of cannabis (or equivalent weights for extracts and oils). Prevent your sales staff from making non-compliant transactions.

Detailed inventory logs

Greenline collects every piece of inventory information for all your products. At any given time, know who made what change, when where, and by how much.

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Effortlessly import products

Import from our global product catalog of hundreds of LP products from the BC’s LDB, Alberta’s AGLC, and Ontario’s AGCO.

Automatically import SKUs, barcodes, vendor details, and save dozens of hours for your staff.

Greenline's extensive product catalogue is always updated with the latest available products

Multi-location inventory management

Your cannabis inventory software should facilitate the growth and expansion of your business, not limit it. Greenline’s master inventory system allows for you and your managers to see stock levels at all locations at any time, all in one place.

Greenline POS Inventory
Multi location inventory system being shown on Greenline Cannabis POS

Point of sale

Greenline Software on the iPad
Greenline POS provides organization security to Canada's dispensaries

Advanced data security

Industry-leading integrations

Greenline believes in supporting the cannabis industry to connect with each other. That’s why we’ve integrated with the leading software providers in the space to provide you with the highest value possible.

  • Digital signage
  • Customer kiosks
  • Payment processing
  • Business intelligence
  • Online menus
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