Greenline exhibits at the Lift Expo in style

POSTED ON May 31, 2022

The best time to attend an event as an exhibitor is when you have something good to share, whether it’s news, features, or products. Greenline has both great news and great new features.

The great news comes in the form of Greenline’s acquisition by BLAZE. Joining forces with BLAZE brings both companies a more powerful team of talent to build out the best cannabis software systems for both Canada and the US.

Greenline – Lift&Co Expo’s 2022 Presenting Sponsor

As the presenting sponsor at Lift&Co Expo this year, Greenline went in style with a spacious, functional, and bright new look to the booth – making it easy to relax on the couch and have engaging conversations.

World Pay

Greenline has been an exhibitor at Lift Expo since 2018 – and it’s always a great avenue to communicate innovative new features, meet with customers, partners, and learn from industry experts.

Greenline and Vetrina Group – achieving excellence in cannabis retail

On Lift&Co Expo’s Industry Day, Greenline CEO, Albert Kim spoke with Elyse Ranger, Director of Store Experience with Vetrina Group, imparting their collective knowledge on achieving cannabis retail success.


This useful discussion highlighted how to navigate the cannabis chaos of today, and position your store to make more money amid fierce competition. It was a well-received speaking engagement resulting in new conversations – focusing on solutions for both new and seasoned cannabis retailers.











Greenline’s extremely knowledgeable team showcased the latest developments, on multiple POS tablets, featuring new functionality that offers the kind of speed and efficiency needed to take cannabis retail to the next level.


POS Searchability

In addition to enhanced POS performance, the new POS Searchability feature in Greenline was designed to make life easy for budtenders, where they can quickly sort and filter by price, discount, THC, category, vendor, and more.

Greenline POS Searchability

Reorder Report


The new Reorder report was designed to make life easy for operations managers responsible for purchasing. The Greenline system helps retailers by recommending the quantity of which products to order based on sales velocity.

Greenline reorder report

Greenline customers with smart differentiation techniques

Greenline had the chance to meet up with some eastern customers in the Toronto area. Each store had unique styles of differentiation for their demographic areas, and all demonstrated their ability to compete very well within such a highly-saturated market.

A big thank you goes out to the customers who met with the Greenline team members either at the Expo or their shop. It’s nice to finally meet again in person at these events. Kudos to the retailers, all the stores had stunning elements.






CIVILIAN House of Cannabis






Premium Cannabis





Propelling the future of cannabis software

With over five years of industry expertise, the Greenline team collectively shares a positive outlook for what’s next in the cannabis industry in Canada. And now, with the new BLAZE acquisition, which advances the strength and scope of the software product offering, this will create a positive impact for cannabis retailers in all of North America.

On June 1-3, 2022, Greenline will be exhibiting at O’Cannabiz International Conference and Expo in Toronto – booth 703.

O’Cannabiz Schedule

Click here to learn more about the acquisition by BLAZE.







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