Multi-location inventory management

Your inventory software should facilitate the growth and expansion of your business, not limit it. Greenline’s master inventory system allows for you and your managers to see stock levels at all locations at any time, all on one screen.

Experience massive productivity boosts and time savings. Say goodbye to managing dozens of papers and spreadsheets that have to be separately audited, and see how easy it is to manage an enterprise retail operation using Greenline POS’ features.

Greenline POs provides an all round interface to help dispensaries solve their problems

Web and iPad App – point of sale

Looking to run your POS on iPads? Prefer the productivity and screen-sizes of PCs? Greenline POS does not limit what hardware you use. Your business can select the hardware it needs based on business needs.

Greenline POS relieves the operational pain of cannabis dispensaries
Greenline POs allows access to useful analytics on inventory management


As the Canadian legalization date approaches, federal and provincial governments will be announcing a series of reports private cannabis retailers will have to comply with in order to stay in business. If left unchecked, this process can be the full-time job of an employee.

Let Greenline POS track and generate those compliance reports automatically, saving you and your staff hours every week on administrative tasks and allow you to focus on your business.

low inventory SMS alerts

Provide the best customer experience by staying on top of your inventory. Never run out of product again!

inventory alerts POS

separate your fulfillment area

Greenline POS is the most flexible POS in the market. Our platform lets you have a separate section in your store where you can fill your customers orders (similar to your favourite coffee store chain)

So whether you want your budtender to serve the product or you’d like a separate section giving you order-ahead capabilities, Greenline POS is ready!

Greenline POS order ahead application

Customizable employee permissions

Lock down what your employees have and don’t have access to. Greenline’s advanced security role features, allow owners and managers to limit access to specific employees relative to their roles. Don’t want your employees to have access to reports? Discounts? Total inventory values?

Greenline does not limit permissions management instead it allows you to completely customize what the security roles are and for whom.

Greenline POS provides organization security to Canada's dispensaries

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