Does your cannabis POS system empower your budtenders?

POSTED ON September 8, 2022

The Local Cannabist

Budtenders are a retailer’s first line of contact with customers. The experience your floor staff provides to shoppers can make or break your customer loyalty. Making sure your budtenders are empowered to do the best job possible is crucial for scaling a cannabis retail store. Your POS should enable budtenders to recommend products immediately.

Greenline offers advanced filtering and sorting to facilitate prompt product searches.

POS Searchability in Greenline

Common customer questions are answered immediately by Greenline-empowered budtenders:

  • What vape products are on sale?
  • What is your highest-THC flower product?
  • What do you have available from Broken Coast?
  • What is your cheapest edible?
  • How many units do you have in stock?

Product Details Expansion Pop-Up

Pressing and holding a product in your inventory catalogue triggers a pop-up with additional product details. Your staff will see all the relevant details like the cannabis product description, THC/CBD percentages, brand, SKU, and barcode. Empowering your budtenders with the details they need improves the experience of your customers and the confidence of your staff.

Greenline Product Details
Offline mode

Your software needs to support slow internet connections and outages as they happen. Greenline POS was built to support inconsistent internet connections with an internal offline mode. When outages happen, your staff will be able to process offline cash transactions to ensure that sales keep moving.

When the internet connection is restored, Greenline POS will automatically sync all sales data to the cloud with no action required from the admin or staff.

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Cover image courtesy of Kennedy M, Manager, The Local Cannabist