We help cannabis businesses scale

The Greenline group is a multi-disciplinary team of technologists, cannabis consultants and marketers who have put our heads together to find the best ways to help cannabis entrepreneurs succeed.

The process of building an industry is a long one and providing information and secure solutions allows the retailers to focus on their customers rather than worrying about convoluted systems.

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We are experienced

Our team has been servicing the cannabis industry for many years and Greenline POS is a continuation of servicing cannabis retail

We believe our experience servicing cannabis retail in Canada for the past years makes us uniquely qualified to understand the needs of retailers and their customers.

We have big dreams

Cannabis is here to stay, and over the next several years, there will be a normalization process that takes place throughout society. Greenline’s mission is to make a big, lasting impact in that transition.

Our long-term vision is the reason why our proprietary technology has been built from the ground up. Off-the-shelf solutions are not going to cut it – it will be the most stable, robust, flexible, and adaptable systems that will succeed.

We’re here for the long ride!

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Proudly Canadian team servicing Canadian retailers

Trees Dispensary is one of Greenline POS' success story

Compliance is a big concern in this industry, and as a Canadian-based company, the Greenline team stays on top of all of the latest regulations and compliance requirements as they are announced. They’ve also made many feature upgrades to handle our capacity and helped us streamline and optimize our operations. The Greenline team and their products are constantly growing and improving, and that is one of the best qualities that defines our partnership with them.

Jasmine – Executive at Trees Dispensary