To have a foundational effect in the success of cannabis in society

BACK IN 2016

Dispensaries in Toronto had manual and slow sales process. One person would take the order, the other one the cash, it took five people to service one client. There was clearly an opportunity for software to fix all of these inefficiencies.

We began to create a basic point of sale designed for dispensaries with a focus on ease-of-use so the lines at the stores could move much faster.

We also met a dispensary owner who was having a hard time managing his inventory. Products were getting lost, employees were stealing – he didn’t know what to do.

Dispensary owners and managers don’t have the easy-to-use tools they need, forcing them to use outdated software or systems built for other industries.

Greenline POS was created to solve these problems.

Our beginnings are rooted in a flexible and accurate-to-the-second POS and inventory management system unparalleled in the market today. We created a product that could move faster than laws and provide incredible value to all dispensaries.

The technology behind Greenline is cutting edge, robust, and highly adaptable to support the rapidly changing atmosphere.

That’s why we let you try it for free, so you can see for yourself.

Albert Kim

The Product Master

Albert drives the product vision for Greenline. He comes from a deep technology background, having been the first startup engineer at GoFetch from when it was just a scribble on a napkin.

His ruthless focus on efficient teams and user experiences for dispensaries is what allows Greenline Systems to be best-in-class and move at a speed that is unmatched by any competitor on the market.

Calvin Ho

The Professional

Calvin leads Greenline in growth and strategy. His background is broadly entrepreneurial, having created 4 profitable drop shipping and technical services since early 2013.

His diverse business experience and acute attention to detail means that Greenline Systems will always be providing dispensaries value in a rapidly changing environment. Keeping up with the cannabis industry is what he does best.

Alejandro brings an experienced growth mindset to the team. He created a paid media marketing agency which he ran for 5 years before jumping head first into the dispensary world in 2016, managing the growth and success of a Vancouver dispensary and their online sales.

His deep passion for the success of the cannabis industry and his strong online experience fortify GetGreenline’s objective of helping to shape an industry we can all be proud of.

I love that our job is to help cannabis dispensaries succeed. After years of hiding for something that improves quality of life, now we get to stand in the front and be the change we want to see in the world – Amazing!

Alejandro Arce

Co-Founder, GetGreenline

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