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Stay compliant

“I just send compliance updates from the BCLDB to Greenline and I don’t even need to think about it! I know it’ll be good to go when I need it.”

Laurie Weitzel
Earth’s Own Naturals

You need to pass store inspections
We can assure you that you’re in good hands. With our help, 100% of our customers have passed provincial inspections. If you’re still concerned, get a hold of our team and we’ll walk you through exactly what you need to pass.
You want to prevent sales to underage customers
Greenline supports a “customer must be born before X” alert feature that helps budtenders easily compare dates with a government issued ID.
You want accurate compliance reports
Greenline provides one-click compliance generation and detailed report analysis tools to help you understand every inventory change. Our analysis tools help you identify issues and fix them before you submit your monthly reports.
You want accurate product data
Greenline supports provincial product catalogs from Alberta’s AGLC, Ontario’s ACGO, and soon BC’s BCLDB. Save hours of work with one-click product imports with images, names, SKUs, barcodes, and even descriptions.
You need an explanation behind every inventory movement
Greenline provides an in-depth inventory logs feature. Identify every movement of product and which employee was responsible.
You need to reduce errors at the point of sale
Proper barcode scanning reduces errors by 80%. Greenline’s barcode scanning system intelligently identifies Canadian LP barcoding standards so your staff can spend less time fiddling with product packages.

Control your inventory

“We use Greenline’s inventory management features to make critical sales and purchasing decisions all the time!”

Ray Frances
The Pot Shack

Make more money

“It’s a joy to deal with people who get it. They are efficient, focused, and always improving. Greenline understands our vision – I only wish I could clone the Greenline team for other projects.”

Karen Barry
BELTLINE Cannabis Calgary

You want to know if your employees are performing
Greenline supports powerful employee stats including: total sales, average value per cart, average units per cart, discounts, barcode scanning percentages, and more.
You want to understand your profit margins
Greenline provides robust product and category-level sales reports that managers can gain valuable business insights from. Build a holistic picture of where the money is flowing in your business to plan for the future.
You want to know when to staff your store
Over-staffing stores is a frequent mistake made by new retailers. To save your business money, Greenline provides day-of-week and hourly sales reports to help managers plan their shifts as effectively as possible.
You want to open more stores
Greenline was built from the ground-up to support large retail chains, from 1 to 100 stores. Smart features such as transfers and multi-location filters for all reports will help you manage everything from a central location.
You want to run your business from anywhere
Greenline’s dashboard can be accessed from any location using just a browser. Have access to everything you need – inventory reports, sales reports, and csv exports.
You want to control data access
Greenline’s advanced security role system allows owners to assign their managers with very specific permissions. Per-location permissions provide further control over staff access.
You are worried about training costs
Greenline is a powerful system that is also easily understood by new staff members. On average, 15 minutes is all that’s needed for a front-of-store employee, and about 30 minutes for the back-end management.
Greenline hosts free weekly training seminars open for anyone to attend.

Scale your business

“As an operator of 8 stores, Greenline has allowed us to scale our business at an unprecedented level.”

Jasmine Liu
Trees Cannabis

Simplify operations

“Greenline is responsive, professional, and just deals with it better.”

Cierra Sieben-Chuback
Living Skies Cannabis

You want to control all services from one place
Greenline focuses on integrations with the leading software providers in the space. Whether it’s Leafly for online menus, Buddi for customer-facing displays, Budvue for live digital menus, or Quickbooks for accounting, we’ve got you covered.
You want a one-stop-shop for software, hardware, and support
As a new retail operation, you need things to be done for you, and fast. Whether it’s support for software or hardware, we can take care of it all.
You want offline mode so that your store never stops selling
Greenline supports offline-mode sales that will keep your customers moving even in the case of your internet going down. When connectivity comes back, your sales will sync to the cloud.
You want to manage customer queues
Manage long lines by sending staff out to collect cart information before they reach the counter using Greenline’s parked sale feature.
Customer forgot their wallet? No problem, the queue handles that as well.

Have the best customer experience

“People come in happy, they purchase, and they leave happy.”

Karen Barry
BETLINE Cannabis Calgary

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