What’s new in Greenline – features and reports

Greenline POS inventory

Our clients have spoken, and we have listened. Here are the key updates to Greenline over the past month to save your business more time and money.

Only show non-empty inventory

Greenline used to display all inventories all the time. The challenge for retailers though, was that once the catalog started nearing the hundreds, the vast majority of products were inactive. Without searching, managers had to scroll through dozens of empty products before reaching the data they wanted to see.

Now, by default, only products that have inventory will show up. There will always be the option to show all products as needed, but most of the time, managers will want to work with their active inventory. What’s more, this setting will persist between browser sessions! When you come back to this page, the site will remember your preferences.


Hourly/day of week sales graphs

Stores need to understand how to staff their stores based on hours and day of week. It sucks to be overstaffed during non-busy hours, and it sucks to be understaffed when your store is a massive hit. Greenline now provides a report called “day of week/hourly” to help with those decisions.

See your store performance broken down in these 2 different dimensions on a single page, and see your trends for the past 3 weeks to determine your next steps.


Inventory audit titles

Every store does inventory audits differently, but one thing in common is that it’s very difficult to count everything at once. If you have a catalog of 300 different products, it will take ages to count everything at once. If you’re trying to do counts outside of regular business hours, your staff may be in for a long night.

Partial audits are the name of the game, but historically, it’s been difficult to differentiate between them. If your manager performed 3 audits in one day, you would have to click on each individual audit to see what the included products were.

Now, managers are able to add custom titles to each audit. Stores are free to come up with their own naming conventions to help identify products by time/category/status. They can be modified at any time, even after completion.


Product list extra fields

It’s not uncommon to want to see more fields than the default image/sku/name/category etc. on the Greenline product listing page. What if you want to compare current THC/CBD levels? Compare your current costs vs your retail price?

To support these use cases, we’ve build a filter called “extra fields”. Once selected, you’ll see a series of additional columns to add to the product table. Even better, the system will remember your selections, so that the next time you enter this page, you won’t need to re-select columns.


Add forgotten products to completed purchase orders

One of the biggest feature requests we’ve gotten several months back was the ability to adjust quantities in purchase orders even after they were checked in. We realized that retail stores were very imperfect environments, that that it was way too easy to type in the wrong quantities. Perhaps a new employee entered the number of cases they received instead of the individual units.

After we added that feature in, however, we got further requests to be able to add products that stores had forgotten to add in their older purchase orders. In the meantime, we’ve requested that those stores manually increase those inventories via audits then fix via compliance reports later, but it turned out to be quite unwieldy and not what customers were looking for.

Now, managers are able to add products to completed purchase orders. The inventory differences will be added after saving, and all events will be tracked via inventory logs for maximal accountability. We hope this helps stores save a lot of time during their error correction stages.


Important note for ELO Paypoint customers regarding iPad restarts

We now recommend all ELO Paypoint customers turn off their iPads overnight in addition to enabling “USB Accessories” under the “Passcode & Touch ID” iOS settings page.

There is a bug within the iOS operating system that may stop all USB accessory communications after 1-3 days of continuous use. Upon further investigation, we’ve determined that the best way to keep store operations streamlined is to keep iPads off overnight, and only turn them on when starting shifts for the day. The team at Greenline is in communications with ELO and Apple to work on long-term solutions for this.


Have feature suggestions?

Please let us know! Our job is to support Canadian cannabis retail in whatever way we can. Our customers lay out the roadmap for us, so we welcome all suggestions. Please get in touch with us at info@getgreenline.co