What’s new in Greenline – summary reports

sales of cannabis by category

2019 is well on it’s way! Here are some of the improvements made to the dashboard and POS platform that we believe can really help stores take more control of their business.

Inventory summary reports

Something store owners often want to know at the end of the month

We’ve received lots of strong positive feedback about our compliance analysis reports, especially from provinces such as BC and Saskatchewan where compliance reports are generated on a per-category basis. We’ve taken the lessons from that and created what we now call inventory summary reports.

This is a complex, yet powerful report. You can use it to answer the following:

  • What were by inventory levels at X date?
  • How many $ of inventory did I have at X date?
  • What is the retail $ of inventory at X date?
  • How many grams of cannabis did I have at X date?
  • How did my inventory change between X and Y dates?
  • How did my inventory change by category?
  • How did my inventory change by product?
  • … and much more


Top products by category and vendor

When store owners view their category and vendor reports, they often want to see the top selling products for each category/vendor. When you visit these reports now, you’ll see exactly that to the left-hand side.

Employee sales/performance reports

As a business owner, it’s important to understand how your employees are performing. We’ve added several key performance indicators to your employee sales reports.

  • Barcode usage: A significant part of inventory discrepancies come from employees selling the wrong items. The chance of this happening is reduced or eliminated with proper use of barcodes, but how can you tell if your employees are following proper scanning protocols? The new barcode usage statistic will show you what percentage of products sold by that employee was scanned vs. what was manually selected.
  • Count: The number of sales made by the employee
  • Avg units: The average number of units sold per sale by that employee
  • Avg cart: The average $ value of sales made by that employee
  • Total sales: The total $ value of sales made by that employee
  • Total discounts: The total $ value of discounts assigned by that employee


Employee discount reports

The biggest question store managers have during a promo is: how are the promos being used? To help answer that question, we’ve added the ability to drill-down into a specific discount, and see the employee-level breakdowns.


Penny rounding

Some stores may have noticed that they’ve seen fewer cent-level cash discrepancies at the end of the day. The POS will perform penny-rounding by default when making a cash sale. For more information on how penny rounding works in Canada, please visit¬†https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/programs/about-canada-revenue-agency-cra/phasing-penny.html


ELO Paypoint new lighting settings

To significantly improve barcode scanning consistencies, we’ve set the default scanner LED light to be always on – however, it’s not ideal to leave lights on overnight. There are no concerns about the hardware burning out or anything, but leaving your store with all lights off except for a bright white LED light for each scanner is not great.

In your POS quick-barcode settings, you will now see a new dropdown option called “Always off”.


Hide employee names from receipts

For privacy purposes, some stores may not want employee names printed on receipts (by default, Greenline prints the first name of the employee). To change that setting, Go to your Dashboard > Company > Locations > Edit receipt, then check off the “Employee name” option.


Improved discounting UI

We are always looking for ways to make the front-of-store experience as simple and intuitive as possible. Stores let us know that when entering discounts, it was slow to have the entire keyboard show up every time you want to type in a number. As a result, we’ve updated the UI to be a popover instead of a full-screen popup, and integrated a keyboard.


Improved parked sales queue UI

Similar to discounts, we’ve used our new popovers to present your list of parked sales. You can now easily clear them from the cart by pressing the trash icon to the right.