The Difference Between A Medicinal and A Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

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While you may not think so, but there is a difference between a medicinal and recreational marijuana dispensary, so let’s see what the differences are!

Marijuana and medicinal marijuana are gaining some serious traction in the popularity stakes around the world. Across North America, both legalized cannabis and medicinal marijuana are becoming increasingly popular choices for the treatment of different medical conditions. Across Canada marijuana will be legalized on July 1st, 2018, while 25 states in the United States have either legalized marijuana or medicinal marijuana. Whether it’s a medicinal marijuana dispensary, or a recreation marijuana dispensary, there are some big differences between the two!


Before you get too excited about visiting a dispensary for your fix of marijuana, it’s important to understand what the difference between a medicinal and recreational marijuana dispensary is. Let’s dive right in!


Visiting A Medicinal Marijuana Dispensary

The first stage before visiting a medicinal weed dispensary is consulting with your healthcare professional and receiving a recommendation. When you have your medicinal marijuana, it’s time to look up your local medical marijuana dispensary. This is where a little homework comes into the discussion. Take a few minutes at home and find all your local medicinal marijuana dispensaries and if they have a website check out the strains of marijuana which they have available.


It’s always better to know exactly what you’re looking for before you get there. The hardest part about this is taking the first step and visiting the dispensary. Don’t be hesitant, just embrace it and take those first few steps and enter. Armed with a little knowledge, you’ll be more confident and prepared for your first visit.


Don’t be intimidated if there is a security guard at the door. It’s just as much for your protection as theirs as most dispensaries handle a large amount of cash. Make sure that you have your doctor’s recommendation with you, as well as personal identification. Most dispensaries make you wait a few minutes like you would at any pharmacy. You may be surprised to learn that many medical marijuana dispensaries are extremely busy and waiting allows everyone equal opportunity to speak with staff. If you have questions now is the time to ask them! You have a valuable resource standing right there in front of you. Let the staff guide you towards different strains of marijuana which may be suitable for your medical condition.


Once you get that first visit out of the way, you’ll feel like a professional marijuana connoisseur in no time at all. Once you work out what strains you like and the way it makes you feel, ask the staff for any recommendations which they feel may work for you. It’s always a good idea to carry your medicinal marijuana recommendations with you when you’re buying or transporting weed. Just in case.


Visiting A Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

If you have been to a medicinal marijuana dispensary, you may not notice a lot of differences between the two. They both have weed available, and with the correct documentation and I.D, you’ll be able to take some home and try it out for yourself. The biggest difference between the two dispensaries is probably choice. Recreational marijuana dispensaries usually carry a large number of different marijuana products. This may include edibles, marijuana buds, concentrates, oils, waxes, and drinks.


It’s important that you remember when you visit a recreational dispensary that the strength of the marijuana and marijuana could be a lot higher. When you try different weed products, it’s also important to remember that when you consume marijuana in different ways such as ingesting or vaping, it can have very varied effects on your body. With all marijuana, recreational or medicinal, it’s important to take it slow and learn how your body will react. It’s always much easier to increase the amounts rather than try to go the in the other direction.

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In Conclusion

Don’t hesitate to visit either a recreational or medicinal marijuana dispensary. All stores have a variety of different clients from a different walk of life. The one thing marijuana dispensaries have in common is a premium point of sale system which has the ability to track user purchases and stay compliant with local laws and regulations. One company providing a high-quality point of sales systems for dispensaries is Greenline POS. They have a proven track record of helping their clients stay compliant with a simple to use and easy to learn POS sales system.