5 Reasons to Attend a Cannabis Conference

Cannabis conferences and expos are not just events for consumers anymore. These events have matured greatly compared to the first consumer-oriented ones a few years ago. Conferences are now a wealth of industry knowledge and networking opportunities for cannabis entrepreneurs. Many new products and services are appearing in the cannabis space every month and conferences allow you to gain the most exposure to innovative tools and ideas that may help your business grow. Cannabis in Canada is a rapidly developing and highly innovative industry on the cusp of legal retail. It is always worth attending your local expos and conferences when you can to keep up with this rocketship of an industry.

Learn about the market landscape

Knowledge is power and future survival in such a fluid industry. Scope out the competition and see their pricing and what they have in stock. Identify different branding messages of the businesses around you to develop your brand and marketing to stand out from the rest.
Learn about the local market to see where there is business opportunity and where there is over-saturation in your local space.

Experience new cannabis products and services

Recent changes in legal attitudes towards cannabis have allowed new cannabis products and services to explode in the past few years. Industry specific services for accounting, legal, point of sale, distribution, employee management, and more are all competing for clientele at these events. It’s a great space to find like minded companies that can provide your business fantastic value. New product types and brands are also popping up on a monthly basis. Find and stock up on the latest items and make your business stand out among all the others.

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Connect and collaborate with industry professionals

Cannabis expos and conferences provide some of the greatest opportunities for like minded businesses to gather and collaborate. These events are great aggregators of cannabis companies and services, otherwise its extremely difficult to find cannabis professionals in such a high density elsewhere. Partnerships between companies, distribution deals, marketing and branding deals, investment seekers and providers alike can be found at expos in great quantity. The next big advancement for your business could happen on the expo floor!

Understand the standards of this industry

Make sure the way you run your business is up to industry standards. As cannabis legalizes and professionalizes as a result, cannabis companies are constantly changing the way they run their operations. A cannabis retailer operating legally today is incredibly different from a dispensary operating in conditions just last year. As people do more business in legal cannabis, the way they work is always updating for greater efficiency and accuracy. Learn from the experience of others to make your own operations shine.

greenline pos cannabis conference

Come say hello to GreenlinePOS!

We are always at one or two expos each month in Canada because we know how valuable and fun these events can be. Come find us at the upcoming HempFest event Cannabis Conference in Saskatoon on June 23rd and 24th! We would love to share our wealth of industry knowledge and technical expertise with you. Find us at booth #50, can’t wait to see you there!

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