Provincial purchase order imports made easy with Greenline

Drag and drop PO Imports - Greenline

Receiving inventory is one of the most time-consuming aspects of operating your cannabis retail store. We talk to independent store managers who receive multiple shipments of products during the week and struggle to keep their teams aligned and their data organized. We also talk to scaling retailers who want to keep ordering and receiving from HQ across multiple stores.

At Greenline, our goal is to help retailers scale – in this blog post, we’ll talk about how our provincial purchase order imports help managers save hours of data every week allowing them to scale their inventory operations.

Provincial purchase order imports

All provinces with government-run cannabis wholesalers provide their retailers with some form of order. On generic POS systems, store managers are expected to enter the details (typically SKU, cost per unit, quantity purchased, quantity received, and any notes) by hand. This is okay for smaller orders, but in a cannabis retail environment, where a single order can have up to 150 unique SKUs, we can see why this doesn’t scale.

Greenline Purchase Order Importer

For stores using Greenline in British Columbia, Alberta, or Ontario:

  1. Create a new purchase order
  2. Select your inventory location
  3. Click the “Import” button on the top navigation bar
  4. Select the “Province” import option
  5. Click “Upload file”
  6. Drag-and-drop your respective provincial file
  7. Greenline will automatically import all matching SKUs, quantities, and costs

It’s important for the products to already exist in your product catalog because things may slip in the product creation process, especially when dealing with so many SKUs. Greenline lets you know if a matching SKU could not be found. Data entry mistakes are just part of the reality of running a store, so we want to protect you from these as much as possible.

British Columbia

BC Provincial Compliance

The BCLDB provides an ASN (advanced shipping notice) in a .xml file and an order confirmation in a .xlsx (Excel) file. Simply drag and drop either of these files into the Greenline importer.


Alberta Provincial Compliance

The AGLC doesn’t yet have a simple tabular file to import, but it’s important for us to support the largest cannabis province in the country. Greenline supports a .eml (email) file which can be exported from most email clients and then dragged and dropped into the Greenline importer.


Ontario Provincial Compliance

The OCS, similar to BC, sends retailers an ASN in a .xlsx file that can be dragged and dropped into the Greenline importer. Because the OCS sends multiple similar-looking files, make sure that you see the following columns on the far left-hand side in your ASN:

  • ShipmentID
  • ContainerID
  • ItemName
  • UnitPrice

In summary, we highly suggest retailers look for cannabis retail point-of-sale systems, like Greenline POS, that can scale by automating time-consuming data entry tasks and reducing human error.

You can learn more about Greenline POS by scheduling a demo here.