Greenline POS focuses on providing the best possible POS solution and the best service. As such, our expectation from our partners is to also provide that level of love to our customers. We have vetted all of our partners to ensure your business continues to thrive by using their services.

Headset Analytics

When we think of Headset, we think professionals. Headset is a data and analytics service provider for the cannabis industry, They help operators make more informed business decisions through data.

Greenline POS


We’ve had the opportunity to attend a canna reps workshop and they most definitely know cannabis and the industry. Their leadership team comes with many years of cannabis retail experience and what we love most is their focus on how to best service the cannabis consumers. From the way to describe the plant to how to run an effective cannabis retail shop, we could not recommend them enough.

BDS Analytics

Cannabis might be a new industry, however BDS analytics is not new to analytics. They have been providing analytics solution to the health industry for many years and when we chat with them we’re excited to hear how they implement their experience in data management to our industry. Their superpower is allowing stores to compare their operations to the regional market so they can optimize their processes.

baker crm

The experienced Baker team has been around for many years servicing cannabis retail. They provide retailers with a way to engage their users to keep them coming back, From a CRM to ecommerce functionality you can trust on their experience will help you grow your customer base.


Buddi is an interactive shopping assistant & customer education platform for cannabis retailers. Buddi runs on touch-screens or tablets to allow your customer to either self-serve or be assisted by a staff member, then seamlessly build a shopping cart which connects to Greenline POS.

Buddi logo greenline pos

budvue digital signage

The team at Budvue comes with many years of digital signage experience, their parent company has been servicing liquor stores for many years and you can count on Budvue to match your brand and give your store a great presentation.

althing consulting

If you’re starting a business in the cannabis industry your first stop should definitely be Althing Consulting.

Whether you need help with licensing and compliance (retail or production) or you are an entrepreneur looking for an investor, an investor looking for a business opportunity, or simply need help building your existing brand, Althing Consulting is the go-to boutique consultancy for today’s rapidly-evolving cannabis sector.

cannabis consulting

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