How multi-location cannabis inventory tracking can transform cannabis retailers

Multi-location Inventory Tracking in Greenline POS

We believe that the independent retailers of today will be the chains of tomorrow. Business owners should have the power to expand to new locations without their POS technology holding them back.

One of the costliest mistakes a store can make in their early days is selecting a POS system that does not allow them to grow, often because owners lean toward selecting the lowest-cost options available. Here we’ll explain the massive benefits of selecting multi-location inventory systems when starting your cannabis retail business.

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Global product catalogs

One of the most time consuming tasks in cannabis retail stores is having to enter product details not just once, but multiple times for each system at each store. Often times your stores are selling the same products, so why should you have to spend so much time on such menial tasks? Employee time is also much better spent servicing customers at the front of store.

Maintaining a centralized product catalog in-store is crucial for effective product management as your business grows, and Greenline is here to help. On average it takes a store about 3 minutes to enter in a product. Across 200 SKUs a store may have, expanding to another store location would result in a minimum time savings of 10 hours of work. In addition, the chance of product information being correct at one location but not the other would be effectively eliminated.

Keeping your product data clean is especially important for licensed cannabis retailers, as they need to keep detailed records of their products, inventory, and sales to report back to the government. Failure to do so could result in licenses getting revoked.

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Multi-location inventory reporting

Finding how much of a product you have at your store is one of the most frequented operations performed by store managers, and so it’s crucial for your inventory system to make that information easily accessible in as few clicks as possible. If it takes any longer than 10 seconds to answer the question of “How many of Product X do I have available at all my locations”, then we feel the system wouldn’t be doing the business a favor.

In Greenline, simply click ‘Inventory’ on the left hand side, and you’ll see a grid of products at each of your inventory locations. Search for products by name or SKU, and click into any of the values to see their inventory lifetime history and make quick adjustments (don’t worry, every action is logged).

Chain stores utilizing Greenline find immense value in being able to identify their inventory levels at a glance to help them decide how much of which products to transfer between locations. To learn more, please visit our Trees Dispensary case study at

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The moment stores start expanding their operations, they will be faced with the challenge of tracking inventory moved between locations or warehouses. With inventory management systems built for single locations, this can get incredibly challenging. Workarounds like manually subtracting inventory at one location and adding inventory at another won’t cut it when it comes to accurate compliance reporting.

With Greenline POS being built from the ground up for single and multi-location retailers, store managers can use our powerful transfers tool to track which products were moved between which locations in a transfer. Store managers can look at historical transfers, see exact quantities that were moved, when it was performed, and who performed it, along with any additional notes.

If you feel that Greenline POS’s multi-location capabilities can enhance your business, visit us at or shoot us a call at (866) 845-6931.