Key Takeaways from MJBizCon 2018

Greenline POS attends MJBizCon

This year the team at Greenline POS attended the Marijuana Business Conference & Expo (MJBizCon) in Toronto. Every single Licensed Producer and provider was present – here we share our insights from the buzzing event.

CBD as an ingredient will be widely explored

From treating epilepsy to its anti-inflammatory properties, we are still constantly learning about the power of CBD. There is lots of room for CBD’s application and purpose, and this substances will undoubtedly change our society as more data and deeper health findings come out through time.

Export opportunities rising up following legalization.

International markets will evolve and catch up with our ecosystem in North America. An urgent need for cannabis supply in emerging markets will spring up in European and South American cities. Service providers that take a headstart in positioning themselves to make those deal will be winners when the opportunity arises.

We’re in a marijuana market bubble.

The marijuana stock market is still a huge question mark with uncountable directions it can take. Currently, companies are being traded on speculation. By next year, companies will be valued on actual output. Hence, the opportunity for big upswings on cannabis stocks will come to an end. There will be volatility in supply – initially there is speculated to be a shortage of product supply, and afterwards we envision it to normalize.

The MJBizCon was a huge success shedding light on the 10 billion dollar industry. Team Greenline shared its story and was inspired by the collective support and streamlined goals at different levels of the cannabis ecosystem. The coming together of big players within the industry helped us gain a perspective on what needed to be changed to better service the community – which in turns solidifies Greenline POS’ product and growth.

We look forward to learning even more at future gatherings of the cannabis community like MJBizCon. Want to connect? Shoot us a line here.