What’s new in Greenline – Lot Tracking

Lot tracking – Alberta

Alberta has started to enforce the use of lot tracking in their store inspections. As a result, we’ve worked to provide the best lot-tracking experience possible within the Greenline platform.

What is lot tracking? It’s the act of tracking each and every lot number you receive from your cannabis shipments. It can be a pretty tedious process – every time you receive a purchase order, rather than just entering the number of units you receive, you will have to break down the total quantity by each individual lot. Usually, every shipment will contain multiple lots.

Audits for lot-tracked products also change. Instead of just counting 10 units of Product A, it will now have to be broken down into 6 units of Product A, lot ABC, and 4 units of Product A, lot DEF.

When selling a lot-tracked product, you will have 2 options. By default, budtenders will have to select the matching lot number on the package, and select from a dropdown. However, if you scan a lot-tracked barcode, and the label is of high quality, Greenline will detect that and automatically select the lot for you.

Lot tracking is an optional feature, but highly recommended for stores in Alberta. To enable it, please contact Greenline support first. Once enabled, you can select which products you want lot tracked. Once that product is saved, inventory audit, purchase order, and sales pages will be updated to include lot numbers.

An example of a lot-tracked barcode to the left

If you have an existing product that you’re looking to convert into a lot-tracked product, a lot called UNTRACKED will automatically be created with all existing inventory. Please perform an inventory audit to fill in all the correct lot # details.

You can learn more here: 

If your store is not in the province of Alberta, but are interested in adding lot-tracking to your operations, get in touch with our support team, and we’ll help with the transition.

Enhanced Buddi integrations

Buddi is a trusted partner of Greenline that provides an in-store customer-facing ordering platform. Initially the integration consisted of the Buddi platform reading inventory data and sending orders to the POS.

Now, the integration includes the auto-completion and cancellation of orders based on actions done in Greenline. For example, if an order is sent to Greenline, and the budtender completes the sale, the Buddi platform will reflect that in real-time. Likewise, if nobody picks up an order and the budtender decides to cancel the order on Greenline, it will also be cancelled on Buddi. Completed/cancelled orders on Greenline now sync with Buddi’s order list.

Learn more about Buddi here: https://buddi.io/

More reports

Some old reports have been fully redesigned to allow for more flexibility and customizability.

The inventory-on-hand report can how be broken down by location, products or categories, only show in-stock products to reduce noise, and show more product fields such as the product price, cost, etc. in additional to the overall value of the inventory.

The product sales report can similarly be broken down by location, products or categories, show parent or nested products, and be ordered by any of the available fields.

We hope that these continuous improvements to reports will deliver more value to business owners. Of course, if you are looking for further business intelligence, we recommend Headset, another trusted partner of Greenline.


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