Top 3 Things to Look For When Hiring Budtenders for your Dispensary

Greenline POS on hiring budtenders

Budtenders might hold the most important position in a dispensary. If you don’t have a good team who cares about your customer and welcomes them in with a smile, you will never grow.

Here is what to look for when hiring budtenders for your store:

#1 Presentation

The look and feel of your team should match the look and feel of your store. If you want to present a clean dispensary experience you’ll have to make discerning choices when you hire.

Tattoos running up the neck can fit if your environment is part of that feel. However, if you want to cater to a more mature clientele that did not grow up with the trend of tattooing, you’ll have to present a lighter feel so they can feel welcomed.

Dispensaries create relationships and trust with their clientele and whomever you have welcoming your customers will set the tone for who shows up.

#2 – Self-Awareness

You might have to deal with folks who react loudly and even aggressively, the awareness that it might not be about you personally but may actually be a mental condition allows you to show compassion and be more patient when someone requires medicine.

Having self-awareness and paying attention to detail also gives you a better feel for the store, who’s there, and how to manage it.

Here are some interview questions to learn about people’s self-awareness:

  • Can you tell me a time when you made a mistake at work – how did you handle it?

You’re looking for honesty about what they did and brownie points are given if they share what they learned from the experience. Red flags come up if they blame everyone else for the mistake.

  • Out of your weaknesses which one would you like to get better at right away?

Again, you’re looking for awareness, examples include “I’d like to be more focused”, “I’d like to be better at managing my time”. Brownie points are given when they mention where they would like to get better and what they’re doing about it to get better.

Red flags include “I don’t have weaknesses” “I don’t really feel I need to work on anything.. I’m busy” we all have weaknesses and if you don’t know them then you’re just not aware.

#3 Can you hang out with them

You will be spending many hours per day with your staff. Make sure you have some things in common and can have fun together.

The vibe of your store is directly correlated to you and your team, if you guys are in a light vibe with smiles and positivity, it will reflect. Everyone that walks in the store will enjoy it and look forward to coming back to for that feeling, and maybe even tell their friends.

The positive energy and cohesiveness of your team will translate into spectacular customer service.

If everyone is happy and enjoying the day your customers will feel that and keep coming back.

Some questions to learn more about your team:

  • Did you build lasting friendships while working at another job? Do you still spend time with ex-coworkers?

You want to see positivity. This is a team environment and most definitely a people job. If they roll their eyes or complain about previous co-workers it’s a bad start. This means that they’re not over whatever happened previously.

  • Ask them where they hang out, what do they do for fun, are they into sports.

Look for commonalities between you (The manager) and your team. The more cohesive you guys are the more it will translate into good customer service for your members.

A cohesive team is a winning team and it starts with the right players. Take your time and if you don’t find what you’re looking for keep going. Go through hundreds of applications if you have to.

The right team will set your store apart.

Team Greenline