Greenline support for the next generation of Moneris Core terminals

POSTED ON June 18, 2021

We’re proud to announce the launch of our Moneris Core POS integrations. This will allow Greenline customers to use the next generation of Ingenico terminals, including but not limited to the following models: Desk 5000, Move 5000, V400c, V400m.

Any new payment terminals will use the Moneris Core platform, so retailers should expect to see continuous improvements in selection over the next several years.

ICT250 terminals will still continue to be supported, but retailers must understand that they are at end-of-life support and have already been phased out of manufacturing. Please contact your Moneris rep to get set up with new hardware, and our support team will be available during working hours to help set up your POS.

Moneris Core integrations with Greenline

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