Introducing: Greenline Pocket


At Greenline, we understand that running a high volume cannabis retail store is not easy. Reducing the cost for routine inventory operations can have massive impacts on your productivity and success.

We’re proud to introduce: Greenline Pocket

The idea started when we observed back-end inventory management among our customers. As powerful as our Dashboard and POS is, managers were having to wrestle with the physical layouts of the store. Often times, paper clipboards would have to be used to track inventory, then inputted into Greenline after the fact.

We wanted to eliminate that need. You shouldn’t need to run back and forth to a computer all the time. You should have the power of inventory management in your fingertips.

Greenline Pocket is an iOS application combined with a powerful 2D barcode scanner to provide stores with key inventory management functions:

  • Purchase orders
  • Stock checks
  • Audits
  • Transfers

Welcome to the speed revolution.

Greenline Pocket is currently in limited beta. Availability will increase throughout Q1 2020. If you feel Pocket will benefit your retail operations, please schedule a demo and get in touch with our sales team.