What’s new in Greenline – feature updates

Greenline POS software showing the creation of a cannabis product.

 New product edit page

We want to help you add products into the system faster. As a result, we are rolling out a new and improved edit product page on a per-store basis. If you’re looking for beta access, get in touch with us over live-chat!

This screen now supports:

– Faster loading
– Edit variant SKUs, names, and prices immediately without expanding details
– The save button will always be visible
– Always-visible warnings and errors to reduce mistakes
– More responsive layout

It will be rolling out to all customers over the next 2 weeks.

Legal age birthday indicator

Selling cannabis to a consumer not of legal age is a serious offense that can cost you your license. To reduce the amount of mental calculations sales staff have to perform in their heads every day, we’ve added a handy minimum birthday indicator right on the POS itself.

When your staff are looking at a drivers license, they will simply need to compare the card birthday with the POS birthday to see if they are of age or not.

You can show or hide this notification by pressing the settings gear icon on the top-right of the iOS app.

Float limit indicator

When your cash levels reach a certain threshold, ideally the sales staff know to perform a cash drop – however, it’s often difficult for staff to know how when to do it.

To help managers with cash management, we’ve added a per-till cash limit setting. Once the till detects that the cash levels are past the threshold, a warning will show up until a cash drop is completed.

This can be toggled on or off in your Greenline POS > Cash Management tab, and scrolling down to the float limit field.

Show nested categories on the POS

If your store has nested categories, Greenline now allows users to select them after selecting the main parent categories. While we always recommend barcode scanning to prevent dispensing human errors, nested categories should further reduce issues for manually selected products.

Sale link from inventory logs

Most stores debug inventory issues using our inventory log feature. Do identify which sale resulted in specific logs, users can now click the “sale” link.

Clicking the link will take you to the following page