Dispensary Internal Security with Event Logs

monitor event logs

However, recording and tracking every action in your store creates a vastly unmanageable list. The key to a great event logging system for dispensary internal security is readability.

In summary, proper event logs should track all of the following:

  • What type of item was moved (tracking is not limited to products and can include cash movements and shift start/end)
  • Type of action performed (know if an action is a sale, transfer, update, purchase, or loss)
  • Time stamps for every action (see exactly when actions are performed to the second)
  • Employee tags for every action (understand who is accountable for that action)
  • Locational tags for all product movements (know where product is bought, sold, and transferred from)
  • Can assign additional notes to actions (for increased detail on why an action is performed)
  • Ability to filter by locations, employees, and products. (be able to find what you want when you want it)

Not only is event log tracking critical for smooth dispensary operations, it is also necessary for future compliance. it’s best to track absolutely everything if you feel any uncertainty about what compliance reporting requirements will be.

Be prepared to provide your cannabis governing agency any data they may demand of you. Diligent dispensary owners would get started with event logging as soon as possible. Having robust historical records will save you the pain of scouring excel files and manually creating reports.

A proper POS should be able to provide excellent dispensary internal security with event logs automatically.