Dispensaries Build Trust With Customers Over Time – This is How

trust and cannabis retail

The goal of your dispensary should be to build trust, when trust is present your customers will continue to shop with you and also be proud to tell their friends about you.

Here are the 3 main points for building trust.

#1 – Cleanliness

Cannabis is a consumable, whether I eat it, smoke it or however I ingest it, it’s coming into my body.

If I walk into a dispensary that is dirty, hasn’t been mopped, the glass isn’t “windexed”, I automatically assume that my health is not your number one priority.

Your store doesn’t need to be the biggest or shiniest, but it does need to be clean!

Any doubt to cleanliness adds a question to your quality and makes me doubt whether I should shop there.

Always keep your dispensary spotless!

Solution: set a standard operating procedure (SOP) for the daily cleaning of your store.

Give the task to sweep and mop your store ½ hour before opening to one person and then have someone in charge of checking every hour that the store cleanliness is on par.

After each task is finished they have to sign the task sheet – This way the store manager can validate that its up to date and the cleanliness of your store is never left to chance.

It might sound tedious – but it matters.

#2 – Quality

Quality doesn’t mean potency. Quality means cleanliness.

We’re not interested in smoking mold, pesticides, or secondary nonsense. We want clean cannabis that will provide the response we want.

Dispensaries with poor quality control systems that sell everything under the sun are missing the point.

The long term value of building trust with your consumer is whats going to keep you in business.

Selling shit product because you get it for cheap does not improve my life.

Over time users will be more and more educated and will make smarter decisions based on quality. Don’t get left behind.

Solution: create a quality control structure, either send all your product to a lab to test for impurities or hire a professional that can validate with confidence the quality of your cannabis – give them the tools and space to do it.

#3 – Service

Cannabis stores should never “Sell” they should always “Help”.

The goal isn’t that your customers spends more money on their visit, the goal is that your customers always comes back to your store for their cannabis.

Service means, they feel welcomed and comfortable at your store, they have confidence in your staff’s recommendations and your product as a solution.

Service means issues are immediately rectified, emails and phone calls are answered fast.

Service means when a customer walks into your store everyone’s first reaction should be to welcome them.

Service means your customer is the center of attention.

Remember this, if you have a customer that comes by once every 2 weeks and spends $50, after 6 months that person has spent $650 at your store.

Never let yourself lose a customer over a $50 dollar vape pen that they say doesn’t work or a batch of edibles that didn’t have any effect.

Compensate them. Its easier to retain a customer than to gain a new one.

Make sure your customer is always happy and feels an emotional reason to recommend you to their friends

Dispensaries build trust over time.

If you continue to deliver, people will continue to come back to your shop and ultimately build the trust that will ensure your business grows and flourishes.

Team Greenline