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Case study: BELTLINE Cannabis Calgary

BELTLINE Cannabis Calgary Upon opening their doors in October 2018, after receipt of one of the City of Calgary’s first ‘batch’ of approved licenses hand-delivered to compliant retailers, BELTLINE Cannabis Calgary – assisted Greenline in identifying and developing POS features to assist with their business operations. BELTLINE Cannabis Calgary, home of the Budtender™ was founded […]

Case Study: Earth’s Own Naturals (BC)

Earth’s Own Naturals Laurie Weitzel is the owner of Earth’s Own Naturals Ltd., a store in Kimberley, BC named as a way to honor the cannabis plant and the earth in which it grows. Initially opened in Jan 2017, ‘Earth’s Own’ recently reopened after acquiring British Columbia’s second cannabis retail license. Laurie’s Story: Laurie optimistically […]

7 common misconceptions by new Canadian cannabis retailers

New independent cannabis retailers frequently go through a variety of concerns and focus on the wrong things before they begin live operations. In our experience working with 30% of the licensed retailers in Canada, these are the top 7 misconceptions that retailers encounter.  1. Planning for customer labels per sale at recreational stores.This misconception stems from […]

Greenline POS services The Niagara Herbalist, first licenced Ontario cannabis retailer

The First Licenced Cannabis Retailer In Ontario The Niagara Herbalist is the first licenced cannabis retailer in Ontario, and after careful consideration they have chosen Greenline POS as their compliant inventory management solution. “We chose Greenline POS because their team had the most working knowledge about real life cannabis retail operations out of all the […]

Case study: Living Skies Cannabis (SK)

Living Skies Cannabis The Canadian cannabis community is changing and we believe the future of cannabis retail lies in integrating with, and serving local communities. ‘Living Skies Cannabis’ is one such Canadian retailer that was founded on the principle of understanding and serving their community. As one of Saskatoon’s best cannabis retailer, founded by Canada’s […]

5 challenges Canadian cannabis retailers face today

Running a cannabis retail store can be very challenging. In this blog post, we’ll share issues retailers currently face to help business owners prepare for success. Delayed licensing Thanks to delayed licensing, cannabis entrepreneurs across the country have had their business plans thrown out the window. The scope and magnitude of this is different per […]

Vancouver based Greenline POS is the best choice for cannabis retailers in British Columbia

The skyline of Vancouver where Greenline cannabis POS systems operates.

If you are looking to start a cannabis retail business in BC, choosing the right POS system is one of the most important decisions to make. A proper POS built specifically for your situation can mean the difference between losing money and surviving the supply shortages throughout the country. 1) Greenline POS is based in […]

BC cannabis retail licencing: What you need to know

Cannabis on a retailers table

BC bud. Everyone knows it, and tourists come from around the world to British Columbia for it. Our province grows some of the best cannabis in the world, and since October 2018 licensed retailers can sell it. As the province issues more licenses and new cannabis retailers pop up, the road to retail for prospective […]

Why you should choose a Canadian company for Canadian compliance in Ontario

Looking to start a cannabis dispensary in Ontario? Here’s 6 reasons why you should choose Greenline POS, a company built by Canadians for Canadians. 1) Greenline POS is specifically designed for use in Canadian provinces Cannabis compliance systems have different rules in Canada and America. You should never be bogged down by bloated features designed […]

Top 5 lessons from MjBizCon in Las Vegas

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The worlds largest cannabis conference did not disappoint. With over 1,000 companies presenting their brands and almost 30,000 visitors coming together, there was definitely a lot to learn. Here are some of our main takeaways this year. #1 – Branding and packaging are the biggest focus point for most companies today Success is being able […]