Greenline support for the next generation of Moneris Core terminals

We’re proud to announce the launch of our Moneris Core POS integrations. This will allow Greenline customers to use the next generation of Ingenico terminals, including but not limited to the following models: Desk 5000, Move 5000, V400c, V400m.

Any new payment terminals will use the Moneris Core platform, so retailers should expect to see continuous improvements in selection over the next several years.

ICT250 terminals will still continue to be supported, but retailers must understand that they are at end-of-life support and have already been phased out of manufacturing. Please contact your Moneris rep to get set up with new hardware, and our support team will be available during working hours to help set up your POS.

Moneris Core integrations with Greenline

We’re proud to offer the highest flexibility of payment providers and hardware options in the Canadian cannabis retail space. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us at

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Retail Cannabis Forum | Sponsored by Greenline POS

Greenline POS is proud to sponsor the 3rd Cannabis Retail Forum by the Retail Council of Canada on May 13.

The Retail Cannabis Forum is designed to provide valuable retail-focused information on everything cannabis retail – from current issues to opportunities. Gain insights from a variety of experienced thought leaders in the industry which includes larger operators, new independent cannabis retailers, and everything in between. See how cannabis industry leaders differentiate themselves and how they achieve success in a uniquely challenging yet expanding industry.

Breaking the Barriers with eCommerce

At 3:10 pm Eastern, Greenline CEO, Albert Kim, will interview Clint Seukeran of Ganjika House, with roots in Brampton Ontario, and one of the first cannabis license holders in the GTA.

In this retailer-focused conversation, learn how Ganjika House, using Greenline software technology and support, was able to seize opportunities, draw from experience to improve efficiency, and embrace the power of eCommerce to drive their success into becoming one of the highest grossing stores in Ontario.

Retail Cannabis Forum Agenda – May 13

Learn about Greenline POS
Greenline POS 2021 

If you’d like to learn more about Greenline software, talk to our expert Sales team by Scheduling a Demo here.

Click-and-collect, curbside pickup, and online payments with Greenline POS

Cannabis retailers have had a difficult time in the past year with the COVID-19 pandemic. At Greenline, we pride ourselves on speed and flexibility for our customers, and it’s important to ensure your POS solution can carry you through these hard times.

This is why, during this time, Greenline continues to move forward to provide our customers with online sales support and click-and-collect services. Our customers have told us that Greenline’s online ordering solution is faster and better implemented than any of our competitors, giving them an upper hand in the retail space.

Greenline has a large offering of unique integration partners that can service remote sales for our customers, including:

One example of this in action is how Greenline POS supports Hello Cannabis in Ontario by helping them implement click-and-collect faster than their competition, giving them a unique advantage.

“We’re interested in the core product that we have to use all day, every day. Greenline has been a dream so far.”

– Frank Germana, GM | Hello Cannabis

You can visit the Hello Cannabis website here.

Helping retailers succeed and gain the upper hand on the competition is what Greenline has been proven to do best, and we proudly carry that tradition into the future.

Contact us today to learn more about how your cannabis store can get to the next level with Greenline POS, and how our many integration partners can truly make your customer experience amazing.

A breakdown of Ontario compliance reports

The Ontario provincial government requires one of the most stringent and complex retail compliance reports in all of Canada.

While most provinces require 1 document, Ontario requires 6 that all match up with each other. It’s important for cannabis retailers in Ontario to be aware of what the requirements are and the hiccups they may encounter on the way. Being prepared could be the difference between spending 1 hour or 10+ hours every month.

Supported reports
 for Ontario include:

1. Federal report

2. Sales report

3. Inventory adjustments report

4. Destructions report

5. Inter-store transfer incoming report

6. Inter-store transfer outgoing report

Federal compliance report

The AGCO federal compliance report is similar to what the AGLC in Alberta requires for their jurisdiction – a line-by-line breakdown of individual cannabis SKUs provided by the wholesaler. Inventory change reasons are divided into “Quantity additions” and “Quantity reductions”, all of which your POS should track.

Things to keep in mind:

  • The AGCO provides a template to copy/paste your report values into.
  • It’s very important for your opening and closing inventories to line up month-to-month. Otherwise, the AGCO may prevent the file upload.
  • The inventory $ values are based on wholesale costs, not retail prices.
AGCO Report Template
AGCO Report Template

OCS sales report
The OCS sales report is a unique report by the province to assess sales of every cannabis product on a day-by-day basis. This is one of the most difficult reports to work with logistically, as the number of rows explodes with your product count – for example, with just 150 active SKUs, you’re looking at a row count of 30 * 150 = 4500. It’s important that your POS can generate these reports for you to save the time in compiling this data yourself.

Things to keep in mind:

  • You must give consent for the AGCO to share this data with the OCS in a dedicated spreadsheet row.
  • You must record the retail price, wholesale cost, and markdowns (discounts) on a per-day basis.
AGCO Reporting Consent for OCS

Periodic discrepancy report
When you inevitably encounter inventory discrepancies, the AGCO asks that you report them on a weekly basis. In your POS, look for a feature that can help you audit (count) inventory. The difference between your “counted” and “expected” values will be the discrepancy.

Things to keep in mind

  • We recommend stores count their full store inventory at a minimum of once a week.
  • Stores with more employees should strive to do full or partial counts every business day. Try to keep detailed notes for each discrepancy.
AGCO Periodic Discrepancy Report

We’ve heard first-hand from stores on generic POS systems the difficulties of getting these reports right every month. Even when a cannabis POS provides what we call “one-click compliance reports”, they often don’t support managers for the messy mistakes that are bound to happen. Greenline POS was built to handle the realities of in-store operations, which includes:

  • Typos in SKU data entry
  • Duplicate products
  • Not knowing why inventory is missing and more

As regulations change and evolve, Greenline is always on top of adapting our software to reflect these changes. 

To learn more about how Greenline can help your Ontario cannabis retail store, as well as for other provinces, please schedule a demo with our team.

Greenline’s stance on data privacy

Your data is important. Data is a valuable resource, and the creators of that data always deserve to know where it goes and how it’s used.

Greenline does not monetize customer data. As a business, our revenues are generated as a function of delivering value to our retail customers, and not as a function of expanding our revenue channels to as many customer groups as possible.

As the industry experiences an explosion in software availability and choice, we encourage all cannabis retailers to ask their software vendors the following questions:

  • Do you make money by selling my customer and sales data in an identifiable way?
  • Do you make money by selling my customer and sales data in an aggregated/anonymous way?
  • Do you provide access to my customer and sales data to my competitors?
Data privacy - Greenline POS
Greenline POS does not monetize customer sales data

For some software companies, this is part of their business model – at Greenline, we provide opt-in integrations for customers who see value in them. These companies should be able to answer questions in a straightforward and transparent way.

If your software vendor has difficulty providing clear answers, it may be time to re-evaluate whether they have your best interests at heart.

Schedule a demo to learn more about how Greenline can help you manage sales and inventory effectively while keeping your data secure. 

How your cannabis POS system can save you time

In a fast-paced, ever-changing retail environment, it’s important your POS system understands your store’s workflows to save you time. In this article, we’ll go over 5 ways Greenline POS can save your staff hours every week in operational costs.

Automatic provincial product imports

Within a product’s lifecycle in a store, the process of product management is one of the most time consuming for management teams. Every time there is a new product available from your provincial wholesaler, someone from management needs to spend time pulling all the product details together, determining how they should be arranged for reporting purposes, and filling in SKUs, names, descriptions, images, compliance weights, etc.
This can be time draining especially in provinces like Alberta, where recently there is a massive expansion in the number of new products made available to retailers.

With Greenline POS however, the amount of time taken to add a product can be reduced from 5-10 minutes down to a matter of seconds using our provincial product import feature. On a weekly basis, we update our internal catalog of products from BC, AB, and ON to make them available for our users. When you want to import Agent Orange pre-rolls, you simply need to select “Import from AGCO” (or your respective wholesaler), enter the name of your product, then press enter. 

With Greenline, the following information will be automatically filled in for you:

  • Provincial SKU
  • Name
  • Image (if available)
  • Vendor (will create a vendor if not available)
  • Description
  • Variants
  • Barcodes
  • Cannabis compliance weights

Using Greenline POS, your team can spend almost 80% less time entering cannabis product details into your system, allowing you to focus more on inventory management and store operations.

One-click compliance reports

All provinces across Canada are required to generate monthly compliance reports on the first week of every month. For provinces like Ontario, the process is particularly painful due to the need to capture inventory snapshots for every compliant product for each day in addition to detailed sales data in very specific formats.

Without a system to automate the process, generating the report manually can take anywhere from 3 to 12 hours a month, depending on your province and the number of staff you have.

Thankfully, this is a problem that Greenline POS has been helping stores with since legalization on October 17th. We’ll automate the entire compliance report generation and correction process for you. Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to Greenline’s compliance report generation feature page.
  2. You will see a list of all inventory logs that may require attention. Here, you can set your inventory discrepancy reasons to ones approved by Health Canada.
  3. Preview your compliance report details, which includes a per-product and per-category breakdown
  4. Click “generate report”, and send to your provincial regulator.

Greenline was built by Canadians for Canadians, ensuring top-notch support as it relates to your store’s reports and guaranteed updates as regulations from Health Canada continue to evolve.

Fast inventory audits

In our experience, the best stores count their cannabis inventory every single day. It can be an incredibly time-consuming process to get your staff to go around your front and back of store with a paper clipboard and counting every unit of product.

As a manager, it’s important that you have the following pieces of information:

  • When is the last time someone at my store counted our inventory?
  • Who did the audit?
  • How many discrepancies were there?
  • What is the dollar value of those discrepancies?
  • Do we need to investigate further?

Using Greenline’s inventory audit feature, managers can see everything that’s going on with their inventory counts, including the employee responsible, the time it was moved, and more! With Greenline POS, store operators have the ability to see every action taken in their store, even when they’re not physically there.

Learn more about Greenline POS

If you’re interested in saving your store time with a Canadian cannabis retail POS built specifically for your needs, get in touch! Your team can chat with our experienced team at

7 common misconceptions by new Canadian cannabis retailers

New independent cannabis retailers frequently go through a variety of concerns and focus on the wrong things before they begin live operations. In our experience working with licensed retailers in Canada, these are the top 7 misconceptions that retailers encounter. 

1. Planning for customer labels per sale at recreational stores.
This misconception stems from the medical cannabis industry where prescription forms are provided via stickers for each sale. In the recreational market, there is no need to supply stickers or labels that are customized per customer, per sale. Focusing on this wastes time and money through the purchase of unnecessary hardware.

2. Investing in government ID scanning hardware and software.
In Canada, you are not obligated to collect client info in detail as per the old medical cannabis system. Many clients are unwilling to give any customer details, and you can expect over 85% of your clients to refuse ID info collection requests. Don’t be tricked by consultants and companies that stress the collection of private details to sell you on software and hardware you don’t need. Collecting this info will only increase data liabilities without tangible business value.

3. Saving money with cheaper, generic POS systems not designed for cannabis retail.
Using a $100 non-cannabis POS system compared to a $500+ cannabis POS system looks nice on paper, unless you factor in the cost of work hours as a result of not having compliance features. Utilizing a system that can generate compliance reports and keep an active ledger of all inventory movements will save you days of work in manual entry and employee salaries.

4. Planning for transfers between locations.
Under the current regulations, provincially licensed cannabis retailers need to purchase items from the provincial distributor directly to the store location it will be sold at. Products are not allowed to move between locations or from a central distribution area. The only exception being Saskatchewan, which doesn’t have a provincial distributor. In Saskatchewan, you can apply for a distributor license to set up a central warehouse to ship in/out of.

5. Buying an American POS system for batch tracking.
Health Canada doesn’t require or support the infrastructure for batch tracking. In fact, there is no coordinated barcoding standard for licensed producers in Canada. Some producers use double or triple stacked barcodes that may batch track, while many others just operate with GS1 barcodes. Implementing a batch tracking POS in Canadian recreational stores that don’t require it will only create more operational roadblocks.

6. Planning for full customer profile databases.
Many stores are planning for extensive client profiles and databases for use in customer analysis and mass marketing. However, the current industry climate makes it difficult to collect in-depth info. The vast majority of customers are unwilling to give any details. At most, they will provide emails just for electronic receipts. Don’t use too much time and money planning for client databases, as it provides little value beyond emails. It is important, however, to collect emails to build a strong social media presence and communicate product offerings to your local community.

7. Expecting accessory sales to be a significant portion of your revenue.
A trend we observe among prospective cannabis retailers is an excessive focus on accessories or having a dedicated accessories division in their business. This is not the best use of time, as accessory sales on average fall more along the lines of 5% of total revenue, not the 50% that new stores are hoping for. Expectations for accessory sales need to be curbed for more realistic projections of store profits.

For BC-specific cannabis retail regulations click here.
For Ontario cannabis retail regulations, click here.

If you would like to learn more about Greenline POS and how we can guide you to operational success, book a demo session with us today!

Greenline Capital

Financing solutions for cannabis retailers to scale their businesses

One of the biggest barriers to growth for cannabis retailers is access to capital. At Greenline, we understand that the Canadian cannabis industry is not high risk. Retailers sell highly regulated products in government licensed locations with predictable high demand, however, the banking and finance industries don’t see it that way.

That’s why we’re introducing Greenline Capital, supported by Merchant Growth Ltd., a leader in providing financing solutions to small businesses in Canada, so you can improve and expand your business with capital loans or a line of credit. You might be looking for a small business loan for renovations, staffing, seasonal inventory, rent, marketing . . .  whatever you need it for, Greenline Capital has got you covered!

Get access to a loan, line of credit or both with a single application.

Capital loans

Greenline customers can be approved within 24 hrs for loans from $5,000 to $500,000
using your bank + Greenline POS data.

Minimum requirements  
Location:  Canada-based
Monthly revenue:  $10K
Time in business:  3 to 6 months
Financing Structure  
Loan amount range:  $5K to 500k
Term length:  6 to 12 months





Line of Credit

A line of credit with flexible access to cash up to $125,000
with a lower initial commitment than a term loan.

Minimum requirements  
Location:  Canada-based
Monthly revenue:  $25K
Time in business:  3 to 6 months
Financing Structure  
Loan amount range:  $7.5K to 125K
Term length:  Unlimited 





Greenline can help you achieve your business goals with Greenline Capital.

Get a quote and receive approval within 24 hours.

Apply now!

What to look for when shopping for Cannabis POS software

Choosing the correct cannabis POS software is essential for smooth daily operations and cannabis retail licence security. Here are some tips to identify what software best suits your location and unique business needs.

1. Design and usability

Intuitive POS system layouts lead to smoother sales flows and faster customer service. The best POS systems are designed to maximize the quality of the customer experience by making transactions easy and painless.

  • First, picture your staff getting trained on the platform. Will it be easy to use? Is it intuitive? How many clicks to get through a transaction? If it’s easy for your staff then it will be an easy process for your customers as well.
  • How long is the training time? This will be an important question to ask your POS provider. Can they get you up and running in under a week? Do they need to charge for training due to the complexity of the system? 
  • Faster transactions means more sales per hour. Make sure that the POS you are considering can cover all use cases (split payments, sales queues, offline mode, etc) in a speedy time to maximize your volume of sales per hour while still maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

2. Control and clarity

All good POS systems have powerful control structures and provide top quality information for you to make intelligent business decisions. The best systems allow you to access all your company details and perform inventory/staff actions from anywhere.

  • Can you limit your new staff from changing the prices on your products and giving discounts? Your POS system needs to have layers of customizable permissions so that regular employees cannot perform managerial actions.
  • Can you limit your team’s visibility on profit reports and purchase ordering costs? Some company details are very sensitive. Your front of house staff should not be able to access your purchase order costs or see company wide sales statistics. Make sure your POS supports tiers of data permission restrictions.
  • Do you have visibility on current stock from wherever you are? As an administrator or store owner you should be able to monitor and perform inventory actions remotely so you are always up to date and in control of your business.

3. Flexibility and cooperation

No two cannabis stores are exactly alike. Each will have its unique operational needs and target different types of consumers. Before you choose a POS, make sure that it can be flexible enough to support the way you want to sell without any inefficient workarounds.

  • Does the POS system only work on Android? Is the the system built to support multiple types of hardware depending on your front of store operations? The POS should work for your process, not the other way around.
  • Does it have an open API setup to connect to other providers such as order ahead applications, accounting, your website, and wall menus? Ask about how open your POS provider is to connecting with ancillary products that can help your store achieve your ideal look and feel.
  • How open are your providers to feature requests? If you want to add a feature to your POS, will that company comply? What if there is a report you’d like to see, will they be there for you? Make sure you have all the functions you need and learn if your POS provider is willing to go the extra mile to work with you, not just sell to you.

4. Support and response time

Every POS system must have a strong support backbone. If anything goes wrong with your store or data are they going to be on the case or will you be left in the dust? Make sure you have help when you need it, whenever you may need it.

  • American companies are notorious for putting Canadian companies in the back of the line, so test them. Call them to find out how quickly they’ll respond to your request!
  • Do they know whats going on in your specific region? Always make sure that your POS provider understands the compliance regulations for your location. Greenline POS is focused on servicing Canadian companies for the goal of ensuring we stay on top of all the requirements for your business. Don’t let your licence be jeopardized by software that cannot provide adequate compliance features and reporting.
  • Will the POS support full back ups and data recovery locally and server-side? Making sure your business data is protected is an important step in the verification process. You should never worry about potentially losing inventory ledgers or client and sales data.

5. Reporting and compliance

Everything begins and ends with your cannabis retail license. Your POS system should always offer accurate one-click monthly compliance report generation and compliance features to automate your licensing upkeep.

  • Make sure your POS provider has already passed the auditing process for your province. Never settle with a system that goes halfway; make sure the compliance reports generated by the POS matches exactly with the format requested by your province.
  • Is submitting your monthly report quick and easy?  It’s important to make sure your compliance reports can be generated right away, whenever you need it.
  • Can the POS system track daily sales limits as per the federal regulations? There may be many other restrictions necessary for preserving your cannabis retail licence. Ensure that the POS can automatically adhere to these regulations.

6. Cost and scale

Cost of using and getting started with a POS is another important aspect of choosing the right system. Some systems are more suited to multi-store chains as opposed to single store shops. Your POS should be able to scale and grow with you business while not overburdening your team with a mess of unnecessary features for your current situation.

  • Whats the real cost of your POS? In addition to the monthly subscription there may be additional for training, data imports, hardware setup, and technical support. Make sure you review the details thoroughly before signing up.
  • Can your POS system grow with your business as you expand? It’s important to understand the inventory infrastructure of the POS to make sure your business has the ability to grow and won’t be restricted by the system you choose.
  • What is the length of the contract? If faced with the worst case scenario are you going to be stuck with a system that cannot support your needs? Greenline POS has full confidence that the quality of our system and support will keep customers coming back for more.

To summarize, the six considerations for finding a great POS that fits your needs are:

  1. Design and usability
  2. Control and clarity
  3. Flexibility and cooperation
  4. Support and response time
  5. Reporting and compliance
  6. Cost and scale

If the POS system you are looking for matches these criteria, then you should be confident in moving forward with it for your cannabis retail store.

Click here to learn more about Greenline’s POS features or schedule a demo with our expert Sales team.


AGLC, BC LDB, AGCO receipt email imports with Greenline

When we talk about what takes the most time when managing a cannabis retail POS system, we consistently hear the same thing:

“We want purchase ordering to be faster”

Greenline has a feature for exactly that – receipt email imports. Here’s how it works:

  1. Download your AGLC, BC LDB, or AGCO confirmation receipt email
  2. Upload into a Greenline purchase order
  3. You’re done!

For an order including upwards of 200 to 300 unique SKUs, this import can save an inventory manager hours at a time, not to mention a reduction in human error. As cannabis retail license counts increase, stores need to focus their time and efforts on differentiation. At Greenline, our aim is to understand the needs of our clients and build unique solutions that can give you a competitive edge.

This import feature works for Alberta, BC and Ontario stores using Greenline.