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How your cannabis POS system can save you time

retail inventory audit checklist clipboard for cannabis sales.

In a fast-paced, ever-changing retail environment, it’s important your POS system understands your store’s workflows to save you time. In this article, we’ll go over 5 ways Greenline POS can save your staff hours every week in operational costs. Automatic provincial product imports Within a product’s lifecycle in a store, the process of product management […]

A guide to Canadian cannabis barcodes, and how your store can best prepare for them

Barcodes on the back of cannabis products to be sold on Greenline POS systems.

Managing cannabis products can seem straightforward at first, but things change when you receive your first shipment of legal cannabis in their respective packaging. The packages will look something like the above. The barcode on the left is what’s called a GS1 stacked databar, or a lot-tracked barcode. The lot-tracked barcode is a superset of […]

One-click Ontario AGCO compliance reporting

One-click Ontario AGCO compliance reporting.

What can Ontario retailers expect? With Ontario finally licensing cannabis stores, we noticed that some Ontario retailers were left in the dark, unprepared for the new AGCO reports due every month. The opening month is often a growing pain, and given the all the other responsibilities and regulations to meet, Ontario retailers benefit from understanding […]

Proactive vs. Reactive Inventory Audits

retail inventory audit checklist clipboard for cannabis sales.

Cannabis Inventory Audits In the past 7 months, Greenline has seen both proactive and reactive inventory audits in action with live cannabis retailers, and it pays to be proactive with inventory accuracy.  To better understand the difference, here is what that means: (Reactive) An issue or discrepancy is found which prompts an inventory audit (Proactive) […]

7 common misconceptions by new Canadian cannabis retailers

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New independent cannabis retailers frequently go through a variety of concerns and focus on the wrong things before they begin live operations. In our experience working with 30% of the licensed retailers in Canada, these are the top 7 misconceptions that retailers encounter.  1. Planning for customer labels per sale at recreational stores.This misconception stems from […]

Greenline POS services The Niagara Herbalist, first licenced Ontario cannabis retailer

ELO, Greenline, and The Niagra Herbalist logos.

The First Licenced Cannabis Retailer In Ontario The Niagara Herbalist is the first licenced cannabis retailer in Ontario, and after careful consideration they have chosen Greenline POS as their compliant inventory management solution. “We chose Greenline POS because their team had the most working knowledge about real life cannabis retail operations out of all the […]

5 challenges Canadian cannabis retailers face today

Barcodes on the back of cannabis products to be sold on Greenline POS systems.

Running a cannabis retail store can be very challenging. In this blog post, we’ll share issues retailers currently face to help business owners prepare for success. Delayed licensing Thanks to delayed licensing, cannabis entrepreneurs across the country have had their business plans thrown out the window. The scope and magnitude of this is different per […]

Vancouver based Greenline POS is the best choice for cannabis retailers in British Columbia

The skyline of Vancouver where Greenline cannabis POS systems operates.

If you are looking to start a cannabis retail business in BC, choosing the right POS system is one of the most important decisions to make. A proper POS built specifically for your situation can mean the difference between losing money and surviving the supply shortages throughout the country. 1) Greenline POS is based in […]

BC cannabis retail licencing: What you need to know

Cannabis on a retailers table

BC bud. Everyone knows it, and tourists come from around the world to British Columbia for it. Our province grows some of the best cannabis in the world, and since October 2018 licensed retailers can sell it. As the province issues more licenses and new cannabis retailers pop up, the road to retail for prospective […]

Why you should choose a Canadian company for Canadian compliance in Ontario

Looking to start a cannabis dispensary in Ontario? Here’s 6 reasons why you should choose Greenline POS, a company built by Canadians for Canadians. 1) Greenline POS is specifically designed for use in Canadian provinces Cannabis compliance systems have different rules in Canada and America. You should never be bogged down by bloated features designed […]