Case Study: Green Town on Greenline POS

Greentown Cannabis storefront

Greentown Cannabis

A Canadian family of entrepreneurs:

With a strong entrepreneurial spirit and support for cannabis legalization, the Katzman family started Green Town Cannabis. Sam Katzman along with his mother, Alissa and father, Rob,  jumped into the industry by moving from Windsor, Ontario to Red Deer, Alberta in order to pursue their new business – both as an economic opportunity and to support of the social change that could be brought about by taking cannabis off the black market.

Opening Green Town:

Fortunately for the Katzmans this wasn’t their first entrepreneurial endeavour. They brought with them a history of opening and managing various retail and hospitality businesses, and they knew that their location in Red Deer would be a prime spot for business.

As the only cannabis dispensary in the area upon opening, they found that many of their partners during the opening process were supportive of their plans. They became close with the AGLC, the municipality, the real-estate and builders even helped them coordinate with the municipality.

“I felt like the community really wanted us here.” – Alissa Katzman

Finding Greenline:

It was during this set-up that Alissa sought out a POS system for their business.

“The most important decision I made was the selection of the POS. We had a lot of companies approach us, and we did a lot of research, attended a lot of conferences and trade shows, and had a lot of people wanting to sell their POS to us. Ultimately, I found Greenline on Google.” – Alissa Katzman

With various POS systems on the table, and having researched them all, Alissa felt that Greenline POS fit her needs best. Specifically, being a Canadian business, Greenline stood out for it’s clear focus on Canadian regulation – there was no room for confusion with any US laws.

“We’ve used POS systems before, but dealing with compliance reports and documentation was intimidating for us. Greenline made it easy, and the demo sold itself.” – Alissa Katzman

Bringing the product to customers:

“It was great to open a store that was so busy. We  had 4 cashiers and POS systems going at all times and  it was like 4/20 on most days, every week.” – Alissa Katzman

Equipped with Greenline POS, Green Town’s grand opening was a booming success. Alissa’s role was of operations and front of store management, and she hired a team of young people who, just like Alissa and her family, were excited to support Cannabis legalization.

They all believed in the value of taking cannabis off the black market, and believed in the good they could bring to the community by doing so. Green Town set out to help customers buy cannabis the “right way” by providing reliable information as best they could – and if they couldn’t, trying to be helpful in any other way. This philosophy would come to serve them well as they were challenged by the industry lacking variety in product options. Through these limited offerings, they tried their best to introduce customers to new products.

“It was very interesting to watch customers who thought they only wanted a high THC, dry flower product and end up with an oil product that they were happy about.“ – Alissa Katzman

Overall, Green Town has seen great success since opening, and Alissa believes they’re playing a part in positive change. The Katzman family has now moved on from that location and is waiting for more opportunities in Alberta once the AGLC license freeze gets completely lifted. Alissa is confident and optimistic about growing their business. As entrepreneurs for their whole lives, Alissa and her family will be keeping an eye out for future opportunities in the cannabis space.

“When I open another store, Greenline is going to be there.” – Alissa Katzman

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