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Trees Dispensary Case Study

Insights into Vancouver Island’s largest dispensary chain

How Trees solved their distribution and retail

Trees Dispensary runs not only their chain of retail stores, but also distribution making it one of the largest on Vancouver Island, BC. This comes with many logistical problems that require tight control and visiblity of the health of the entire company.

Trees Dispensary is one of the largest, most established dispensary chains in Vancouver Island, BC. The size of its distribution network and the need for tight inventory control at multiple locations came with it’s unique set of challenges.

Operations at Trees Dispensary are team driven, with focus on results and accurate, fast movement of products. High volumes of sales across many stores means additional pressure on the processing and distribution network. A robust inventory management and point of sale system is critical for daily operation for an organization of this size.

The Challenge

Products are purchased and processed at the inventory hub, and a series of conversions needed to take place to convert bulk flower into pre-rolls and weighted pre-packs. From there, products had to be transferred to multiple stores depending on current inventory levels, and discrepancies must be recorded and caught along every product movement throughout the entire process.

Jasmine, an executive at Trees, described their previous process as a nightmare: “We had to juggle between 15 different spreadsheets to even get an idea of what items each of our stores needed”, she said. “Our old system couldn’t give us the data in ways that were helpful, resulting in us having to form our own spreadsheets. I become an excel wizard by necessity.”

To make matters worse, their POS software provider was having constant outages: “They were out for an entire week earlier this year,” Jasmine stated. “And during one of our busiest seasons, they were out throughout the weekend. It was unacceptable.”

Jasmine went on to look for a system replacement to streamline operations at her stores. Stability, reliability, and robustness were all key requirements for the next system she chose. “We looked at at least 7 different systems in the market and none of them fit our needs like Greenline POS.”, said Jasmine.

The Solution

Trees found pain relief with Greenline’s POS system. “They seem to have been built specifically to handle the inventory needs of big stores. Most systems were built for inventory at single stores, but we are a chain operation.” -Jasmine

A month in, we caught up with them to see how things were doing, and Jasmine was excited to share how their standard operating procedures have changed: “Before Greenline POS, if we wanted to see what our inventory levels were at all our stores, we needed to copy/paste from 7 different reports into an excel sheet. Now with Greenline POS the grid view with all our products and locations is actually the default, saving us hours of work each week.”

“With our previous POS system we had an enormous training document for all managers and budtenders that lays out how to use the POS system along with our procedures.”, she said. “After we switched to Greenline POS, we started slashing out paragraphs and entire pages. It’s now probably half the size it used to be – It really made things a lot simpler. An inventory transfer would normally take 5 different steps, now it’s just 2! The system just makes sense for our business.” -Jasmine

She laughed, “In fact, when we were showing our budtenders how to use Greenline POS, we got a lot comments like ‘is that it?’ and ‘wow, that makes sense’. You guys have already made our lives much easier.”

Matthew Kolabinski, a store manager at one of the Trees stores described the budtender experience as “50% faster at just about everything”.

“I love just how fast it is”, he said. “A customer comes in, and the sale can start right away. The sign-up process is so much faster, which is especially important for us during peak hours.”

Multi-location inventory also provides incredible visibility for chain stores. “It is so helpful to be able to see how much product our other stores have. Now we can just tell our customer which other location has a product in stock instead of having to call them.” -Matthew

Support from the Greenline Team

Cannabis retailers tend to underestimate the value of a support team that cares for their success. Jasmine noticed it first-hand when it would take days or weeks for their previous POS company to just respond to their emails.

“I would like to emphasize but one of the best parts about your product is the team”, Jasmine said. “Their incredible response time and your team. It’s the personal touch and remarkable ability to not only understand, but respond to our needs with such speed that you are able to provide, which sets Greenline apart in our eyes.”

Retail Is Changing

“Dispensaries used to go great lengths to not communicate and learn from each other, but I think that is all about to change. It’s great that Greenline is here to serve the market, businesses like ours need teams like you.” -Matthew

Jasmine also believes that it is crucial for large cannabis retailers to have full control of their inventory. “If you’re not careful, you can lose a lot of time and money – the stakes are high at large organizations like ours. It is important to have trust in all the systems that you are using.”

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“Greenline POS has been built specifically to handle the inventory needs of big stores. Most systems were built for inventory at single stores, but we are a chain operation.”


Executive, Trees Dispensary