How Hemp and Wellness Grows with Confidence using Greenline POS

Since signing up with Greenline POS in March 2018, Hemp and Wellness has already seen sky-rocketing sales due to improved inventory management in just 4 months.

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The Story

Located in Vernon BC, Hemp and Wellness offers personalized guidance through cannabis-based medicine and holistic wellness. Kevin (Owner of Hemp and Wellness), speaks of the brand’s passion in serving high-quality products to a diverse community, and helping people deal with their unique needs through the power of cannabis. The store started with the desire of being active members of the cannabis community, and Greenline POS helped facilitate growth much faster than what they anticipated.

The Challenge

Inventory management was hectic and inefficient before Greenline POS was adopted. Things were getting muddled up due to an increasing number of products (Hemp and Wellness has 75 strains of flowers and 220 types of concentrates) and the need for processing.

Kevin (owner at Hemp and Wellness) described their pre-Greenline POS situation as chaotic:

“The varied volume of store traffic was difficult to manage. Fridays were incredibly busy and we found it challenging to handle them – budtenders would waste time scrambling to locate specific products or estimating stock levels.”

The store inventory was extremely prone to human error and organization was difficult as they were not able to track bottoms and waste. The administrators needed to track all front, back, and warehouse inventory levels accurately and were not able to do so.

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The Solution

Greenline POS was proven easy-to-use with a fast transition: employees swiftly picked up using the software and was impressed by web support.

“The POS system allowed budtenders to focus entirely on customer service instead of dealing with logistics and spending precious time finding the product. The software helped better track inventory, transitions as well as conversions of product which was not made feasible before.” – Kevin

The back and front room of the dispensary was made easy to organise and allowed the business to grow at a much faster rate. Furthermore, the Greenline POS security features were highly appreciated, allowing the focus of the business to be on efficiency instead of employee management.

The future with Greenline POS

“Overall, Greenline has made it easier to manage our product, manage our people and manage our store.” – Kevin

In just four months, Greenline POS has helped Hemp and Wellness surpass their business growth expectations and has allowed the brand to focus on supporting their customers’ journey to a better quality of life. Looking forward, Kevin is beyond optimistic to be fully compliant with the legalization regulations using Greenline POS. With a fantastic team of budtenders and staff, they anticipate good times to come for the business and the industry.


“Greenline POS worked hand-in-hand with the direction of our brand and the results we’ve been seeing have been great. What Greenline did was materialise what we anticipated – the software made it possible to track inventory and eventually helped us expand and develop our new space due to more efficient operation and easier product handling.

As far as picking up the POS system, it’s been very easy for employees to transition with the software. Budtenders can just take-off swiftly – the system is really simple for management and it’s been very pleasurable to experience the service from the Greenline team. Overall, Greenline has made it easier to manage our product, manage our people and manage our store.”

Kevin, Owner at Hemp and Wellness

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