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Greenline POS

Greenline is a bootstrapped SaaS startup based in beautiful Vancouver, BC. There are 10 members in our team working hard every day to help cannabis retailers succeed!

Our new offices are located at 425 Carrall Street, unit 350.

Greenline POS Cannabis team.

Our story

Greenline got started in 2017 by founders Albert and Calvin. It initially started as a way for cannabis retailers to be able to track basic inventory and sales data.

As legalization approached, they recognized the need for a system that understood the opportunities, concerns, and risks that cannabis store owners faced on a daily basis. With that, they built the foundations of Greenline POS as we know it today, a system fully focused on compliance for Canadian retailers.

Greenline POS Cannabis team.

Calvin and Albert celebrating their first ever customer in 2017

Our mission

Help Canadian cannabis retailers succeed

Our values

At Greenline, our values dictate the types of decisions we make. When working at Greenline, we look for the following character traits:

  1. Care for the customer
  2. Care for the team
  3. Curiosity
  4. Initiative
  5. Mentorship
Greenline POS Cannabis team.

Greenline’s CTO Sam working hard at our old office

Greenline POS Cannabis team.

An all team photo!

Working at Greenline

We are a team of fun, talented and highly committed individuals all working towards the common goal of helping cannabis retailers succeed.

We focus on effective communication structures between team members so that the best ideas can rise to the top, and those with initiative can take on increased responsibilities within the team.

With every position, we put a lot of thought into what the position could evolve into. We hope that honest and authentic communication between everyone can ensure that you continue to do your best work as the business grows.

Open positions


Front-end software developer

Greenline is hiring an experienced front-end software developer as part of our initiative to innovate on the cannabis retail experience.


  • Minimum 2 years of professional software development experience
  • Experience designing and architecting software products
  • Professional Node/React experience
  • Can operate autonomously


  • $60,000 – $70,000/year


Don’t see a position for you yet?

We’re always looking for enthusiastic individuals looking to make an impact. We encourage you to reach out to us anyways with a short blurb about yourself, your resume, and the type of role you’re looking for.


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