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Greenline POS Sales Position



– We are looking for a service focused individual who will embody our focus on customer service and will go out of their way to help clients and answer requests at any time of the day.

– You will spearhead the success of a region in Canada and work alongside the marketing team to mature our presence in that region.

– The ideal candidate has had software sales experience and also has a passion for cannabis and its success in our society.

– You need to have the ability to focus and get tasks done, initiative to set & achieve goals, be detail oriented and organized.

– You are an amazing communicator of ideas, problems, and most importantly solutions. The ideal candidate will have a problem solver mindset and the drive to not give up.



– Follow-up calls with cannabis retail stores, maintaining a system & schedule for this process.

– Following up with existing customers to identify what they love, possible pain points, and additional opportunities to help.

– Hitting sales targets and closing deals.

– Market research and development of opportunities.



  • Volume of outbound reach outs per week
  • Volume of demos per week
  • Response time to customers requests



Passion – We only want to surround ourselves with passionate people who love what they do. You must LOVE helping customers, the cannabis industry as well as have a strong passion for living a healthy lifestyle.

Humour – Work can get fast-paced and serious, but we all love to enjoy the process. working hard while staying light enough to laugh and enjoy the journey with your team!

Hunger– A hunger for personal growth and the growth of skills that take you one-step closer to your ideal life. We spend a lot of time on personal & professional growth and need people we can invest in that grow and flourish. A positive attitude & continuous learning/improvement mindset is a must.



– Flexible working hours

– Option to work remotely

– Unlimited growth potential for A-players

– Extensive opportunity to learn and grow your skills and career in highly dynamic industry like cannabis.



Answer these questions to the best of your ability. Your answers to these questions will determine how you stand out compared to other applicants more than anything else.

  1. If you could choose just one activity to dedicate your life to, what would it be and what would you ultimately want to achieve in that activity?
  2. Describe in full detail the situation where you took FULL responsibility for a major mistake, and how you responded to fix it.
  3. What is the major setback in your life you are most proud of overcoming, and how did you do it?

Respond with your answer to these three questions, along with your resume. Must include actual examples of the MOST relevant work you have done related to this position.


Pls send your resume and answer to the magic questions to info@getgreenline.co and add ATTN Sales @ Greenline on the subject line

Look forward to hearing from you!

Greenline POS’s mission is to have a foundational effect on the success of the Canadian cannabis industry.

We fulfil this mission by providing tools to make cannabis retail as easy as possible for store owners, managers, and team members.

As of today we service over 45 stores across Canada and are growing fast!

Our technology is powerful, flexible and has been built from the ground-up to service the champions of the Canadian cannabis industry.

The reason we have incredibly low churn is because of our focus on service. We are trusted by our customers because they can always count on us being available to help.

We are a self-funded Startup and we have 0$ debt to date. This is the fruit of our effort on servicing our clients and focusing on providing value.