Vancouver based Greenline POS is the best choice for cannabis retailers in British Columbia

The skyline of Vancouver where Greenline Cannabis POS operates

If you are looking to start a cannabis retail business in BC, choosing the right POS system is one of the most important decisions to make. A proper POS built specifically for your situation can mean the difference between losing money and surviving the supply shortages throughout the country.

1) Greenline POS is based in Vancouver, and is specifically designed for use in Canada

Why choose a local company? The answer is focus: a team that focuses on the rules, regulations, and industry specific to your business location will help your team by providing a POS that understands what challenges retailers like yourself encounter on a daily basis. Greenline POS knows your pain points and is specially designed to help you with BC compliance, purchase ordering, record keeping, and more. We are built by Canadians, for Canadians.

2) Extensive experience servicing private cannabis retailers

At Greenline, our customers drive the development road map. From day one, we take feature requests and suggestions very seriously to make sure we build the most functional features based on what our clients use day to day. This way, we won’t shoehorn our procedures into your store, and instead let you decide how to use the platform in a way that makes sense for your unique business. We pride ourselves on being flexible for all uses.

3) Live inventory logs, updated to the second

A truely great cannabis POS and inventory management system will track absolutely every single product movement down to the minute. This is why Greenline POS provides a system where all movements are logged immediately and searchable at any time. This gives business owners and operators clarity on all movements and control over their stock from anywhere they choose.

Inventory logs on Greenline will track:

  • Which item was moved at what time to the minute.
  • The type of movement (sale, purchase order, returns, waste destruction, etc.)
  • The quantity moved (including starting and ending amounts)
  • Which employee is responsible for the movement
  • What location(s) did the movement occur
  • Also any additional notes and reasons (eg. mould, broken packaging, loss, theft, etc.)

4) Instant BC LDB compliance reports

Greenline POS will compile your inventory and sales data into a single report, formatted to the exact specification for the BC LDB. Our software can also help you identify issues with your compliance report before you submit, to make sure that your compliance report is 100% accurate. This system provides our customers a quick and easy way to generate monthly compliance reporting. Why spend 3 to 4 business days manually creating a spreadsheet report when your POS system should generate it in under a second? 

5) Automatic restrictions for Federal and Provincial compliance rules

Some rules are so important to the upkeep of your cannabis sales licence that your POS system should automatically apply restrictions, instead of relying on employees to follow procedure. One example of this is the Federal 30 gram dried flower limit per cannabis sale. This is why Greenline POS has automated locks for sales over 30 grams so that your licence is always secure and no employees can jeopardize the health of your compliance. Other locks such as only being able to sell pre-packaged format items are also built into our software to ensure 100% compliance.

6) Total data security and access from anywhere

As a cloud based system, Greenline POS allows business owners and managers to check on the store sales, inventory, employee actions and more from anywhere with an internet connection. Additionally, for retailers looking to expand, Greenline POS can link up all your stores

Looking for more info on Greenline POS? Check out our article: What to look for when shopping for Cannabis POS software, or learn more about provincial cannabis compliance here.You can also take a look at our features, book a demo session or free one hour consultation with our cannabis retail experts today! We are always ready to answer any questions you may have.