What’s new in Greenline – cannabis retail reports

Generate business reports and more with Greenline POS.

More Cannabis Sales Reports

Retailers are always looking for ways to get the edge over their competition through reports. At Greenline, we understand that the more reports there are, the better.

We’ve rolled out a series of new reports over the past month, including:

  • Number of sales over time report
  • Average cart value over time report
  • Financials (gross sales, net sales, etc.) over time report
  • Payment types (cash, debit, etc.) over time report
  • Product sales over time report
  • Category sales over time report

In addition, the new reports can be grouped by day, week, or month, providing store owners with more ways to break down their data. Each report will also be individually exportable as a csv.

There are many more reports the team is working to deliver to our customers. Stay tuned!

For stores with more advanced reporting needs, Greenline recommends Headset – a real-time business intelligence tool. To learn more, please visit https://www.headset.io/

Weighted average cost tracking

Greenline now supports 2 product cost algorithms. The first and default is called “last cost”, where the product costs will be changed to the latest purchase order price using the following formula:

The new second option is called “weighted average”. This will account for the cost of your existing inventory and the cost of the new incoming inventory. This setting can be found in your Dashboard > Company settings page.

More information can be found here: 

Automated Ontario AGCO cannabis compliance reports

With the launch of private cannabis retailers in Ontario, Greenline launched one-click compliance reports for the rigorous AGCO requirements. Our first month results have been very positive for both the stores and the government. We will be continuing to take in feedback from our Ontario clients to make the process as smooth and easy as possible over time.

More information on compliance report generation can be found here: 

Splitting products

Some stores add products as variants accidentally, especially during the early stages of product setup. To move it out, our recommendation has been to delete the product and re-create it – however, that can result in inventory history being lost.

To solve this problem, we built the ability to split products out from their parent products. We call this process “convert to standalone”. The option can be seen in the attached screenshot:

Cannabis item split function on a marijuana POS system.