Cannabis: Starting Online

As you all know, legalization is happening on October 17, which gives us four months to prepare for the boom of our industry.


If you are planning to be a part of the cannabis industry and open a retail store, now is the time to act quick.

Before anything, start online by building brand power with the tips below:

Put up a website today

It is imperative that every brand owns its website now – with pride. Having a professional, well-functioning website not only illustrates your vision clearly, but also allows you to market your business online.

Rank for SEO (Search Engine Results)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an incredibly effective marketing tool as it increases visibility and brand awareness. To optimize for SEO means that customers who are searching queries on similar products can easily land on your website and be exposed to your brand.

Cannabis Online - improve your SERP ranking

List your store on Google My Business

Create a citation on Google My Business. It is free to set up and will enable you to appear in local search results. This is something even small business owners can capitalise on – furthermore, updated details and location makes your brand more accessible as customers can easily reach you.

Post online content regularly

Be prominent on social media or run a blog! Most brands now do both. Keep your customers informed and be an established thought leader within the industry – talk to your consumers about information they want to learn. Establish your brand voice and writing style – for example, if your target demographic is young, then memes and gifs may appeal to them.

blog content cannabis online


Be transparent and update your clients

Start building your email subscription list. Email newsletters are one of the best ways to regularly update your clientele on new happenings, breakthroughs, or even challenges of the business and industry. To keep your audience engaged with promotions, holiday specials and new products – these are all great announcements to circulate.

It takes an incredible amount of activation power to kickstart all of the above. Our partners at are specialized online experts that can offer help with setting up and maintaining your online presence. Click here to learn more!

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