The importance of one-click cannabis compliance reporting

Canadian Cannabis Compliance - Greenline POS

For cannabis retailers, the license is the lifeblood of the business. No matter which province they may exist in, the monthly report will be the first and last line of defense in securing the future of the retail operations. This is why the best inventory management and point of sale solutions need to provide accurate, automatically generated compliance reporting with the click of a button.

It’s 2018, if your cannabis compliance reports are not automated then they are inadequate.

Computers should be doing the grunt work for you – Why do any manual calculations or filling of spreadsheets when software can complete these tasks at a fraction of the time it takes a human? Your software should work for you, and not the other way around.

Provincial auditing isn’t just for physical security, but also sales and reporting systems.

The provincial audits will also cover how the point of sale and inventory management system keeps your retail compliance. Several things to check with your POS provider before your audit are:

    1. Can the POS generate monthly compliance reports accurately with a single click?
    1. Can the POS block sales of cannabis over the 30 gram federal limit?
  1. Can the POS calculate the equivalent dried flower compliance weight of oils and concentrates?

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Validate with your POS provider that their clients have used their software to pass the provincial audits to ensure it meets the standards.

It is important to know if the POS system you are considering has successfully passed provincial audits in the past. Even if these audits are not for the province you are opening retail operations in, the Health Canada categories each Province needs to comply with remain the same.

At a high level, retails report to the province and the province reports to Health Canada.

There is additional peace of mind offered to you if you know your system can stand up to the scrutiny of provincial auditors.

GreenlinePOS has had successful audits with clients operating in Alberta and Saskatchewan in advance of the October 17th date of live recreational cannabis retail sales. If you want the structure and security of passing your provincial audits, contact us today!

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