Our Vision

Cannabis will provide huge health benefits and also create an enormous industry, boost the economy, create jobs and our mission is to be an integral part in its success.

We believe our Canadian cannabis community can become that communal powerhouse like Silicon Valley.

In the 80’s and early 90s, New England and Silicon Valley were in a heated battle for tech start up supremacy. What pushed Silicon Valley to become the start up powerhouse was the focus on building the community. (Tech Crunch article)

Instead of having large corporations looking to build monopolies and only work with each other, these conglomerates invested a lot of their time in multiple networks and providing mentorship for upcoming entrepreneurs and those joining the workforce.

The venture capitalist had deep roots in these communities as well and it became a competition amongst Silicon Valley elites as to who could service most. Creating a feeling of radical openness with the communal goal of building a successful ecosystem.

This cohesive community easily created partnerships between large corporations, startups, educational institutions, research labs and it was easier to provide referrals and recommendations.

We at Greenline POS envision our unique cannabis community to achieve a mirror of the powerhouse that silicon valley is today.

cannabis community

How can we be of service to you and the cannabis community?

We tend to meet many friends during conferences or events that are interested in entering our cannabis community or expand in their current offering.

We’d like to offer you our knowledge and experience in cannabis retail (We’ve set up dozens of stores and managed one in the past), the trials of building and marketing a cannabis brand as well as the process of building a tech startup.

We’ve set aside some hours during the week where we’ll make ourselves available to help answer questions, share industry knowledge and resources with the goal to help build a long standing ecosystem that will expand globally.

Fill out the form below and let us know how we can be of service,

The founding team! 

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