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The recreational market in cannabis is exploding in Canada. New cannabis strains and derivative products are popping up all over the place and each quarter seems to bring new batches of retailers competing for licensing. Now that the competition in cannabis retail is ramping up, how will you make sure your dispensary stands up above the rest? The answer is with clear and effective cannabis branding to support your marketing efforts.

What is Cannabis branding and how should you start?

Branding is what your customers say about your business when you are not around. Good branding conveys a story of your business and the people that make up your company. Great cannabis branding will speak to your customer’s needs and appeal to their emotions while elevating yourself from the competition.

Know your customers

Data is key to understanding your customer base. Look through your POS and inventory management system to pull up reports and view the demographics and sales records to identify your most popular products, who is purchasing, and at what time. Do you serve a more senior audience? Are indicas more popular than sativas in your store? This can help you identify your core consumer base to tailor your brand messaging for them or give you direction to develop your dispensary image and messaging.

Know your competition

Location, location, location. Never underestimate the power of geography, local culture, and the property value of your area. What sort of consumers are your competitors servicing? When you identify gaps in your surrounding cannabis ecosystem you can better grab clients that are currently under-serviced. For example, if there are a lot of affordable low to mid range flower in your area, a move into the more premium strains of product can set you apart from your competition if the local consumer base has a hunger for that product type.

Branding with each interaction

Information and great service is another key power to separate your store from the competition. New customers are always emerging in this exciting industry, and giving them information and quality service is highly valuable for customer retention. Remember that your budtenders are the personification of your brand. Make sure your employees are properly trained and personable. One-on-one interaction is what will bring your customers back time and time again. If you care for your clients, they will care for you!

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